VR-Porn could pimp-up your sex life in no time


The last couple of weeks has been anything but a walk in the park for me, as I’ve been smoking stress due to GDC 2017, interviews, video making and whatnot. Even so, I still managed to get some time to read up on the wonderful world of virtual reality and vr sex. Well, like I’ve been saying for years now. Lewd VR games and online service will continue to grow in the future, and I was right. As we now get to see more and more lewd VR games and whatnot. I mean, you got everything from DOAX3 VR, Waifu Sex Simulator, HOLODEXXX, Femdomination, VirtuaDolls to Club VixXxen. So there should be something for everyone with no doubt (vrporn.com offers VR hentai, real VR porn and actual VR porn games).

Don’t let your dreams and fantasies by just dreams and fantasies, just give Waifu-Sex-Simulator-VR-1 a go ;)

Furthermore, there are now tons of “accessories” to be “enjoyed as well (yes, for both males and females), and I bet that there will be even more lewd VR toys in the near future. Because the adult VR market shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In the matter fact, I have never seen as many adult VR games, services and websites as I’m doing right now (not “literally” right now. As in “this very moment”, but I think you get my point). That is some really great news for fans of lewd VR content of course, but there is still quite a lot of things to be done when it comes to VR tech. As the current technology is anything but flawless.

The Japanese sure knows how to take technology to the next level (from Japan with love!).

We have come a pretty long way though. I mean, a couple of years ago we didn’t have anything like the Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Gear VR (yes, you can actually experience VR on the fly via your smartphone!). So I guess that you could say that VR has kicked-off for real this time (2016 and 2017 set the VR sea in motion). I’m of course aware that this topic is something of a “tabu” subject. As I’ve started to see the connection between the MGTOW (Men going their own way) movement, adult VR services, advanced Japanese sex dolls and the Gatebox (it’s basically your own holographic girlfriend).

Kanojo is a very, very lewd VR game indeed.

Now, now, don’t point any fingers at me, and let’s not be judgmental shall we? I’m simply stating that there is a growing demand of these products and services thanks to growing numbers of the MGTOW movement. I would also like to point out that I don’t have nothing against women, and I don’t hate them (I love them!). However, in all honesty. It’s really hard to juggle your career, dreams and keeping a girlfriend (or wife) happy and sound. Simply put, it takes a lot of time, money and energy…And sooner or later, that will take it’s told on your body and mind.

I would also like to add that I find it to be somewhat stupid that today´s society expect all of us to hook up with someone and get kids. I can’t speak for everyone now, but on a personal level. I have no desire to have kids, and I like the idea of being single. As I like the taste of freedom way too much to give it up (at least not yet). 

Real or hentai VR? It’s all up to you and your fantasies.

What I’m trying to say is that our society as we know is going through some very big changes at the moment, and in a very near future. Guys (or girls) won’t even have to hunt around to get laid anymore. As you could experience the best sex of your life with your dream Waifu in your own home (you can basically get laid with any famous person or fictional character that you want). Especially if you add those super advanced Japanese sex robots/dolls into the mix (Armitage III-like sex robots will soon be a reality).

Sure, those robots might be rather expensive right now, but just like with any new piece of technology. The price will drop over time. Besides, we are already too many humans on this planet. So who knows? VR, sex robots and hologram girlfriends might actually help the planet and humanity at large? Well, time will tell. I’m quite sure that adult VR content could help a lot of guys (and girls) to get rid of some stress though (or help couples to spice up their sex life).


/Robin E
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Maria Casino presents "The Thrill Test" - Sponsrad video

Are you ready for "The Thrill Test"?

Maria Casino är kända för att erbjuda sina spelare en rad utav olika online casino spel (för att inte tala om free spins och bonusar), så som Blackjack, roulette och en hel  drös med spelautomater t.ex. Det tycks dock som om Maria Casino är redo att ta sin verksamhet till nästa nivå med deras "The Thrill Test" satsning. I kort drag så är det en gratis chans för de som söker efter att få sig ett par välbehövliga adrenalinkickar (lite spänning i vardagen helt enkelt).

För att vara exakt, så är det en chans för dig att vinna en massa pengar. Förutsatt att du klarar dig igenom all de utmaningarna som väntar dig i "The Thrill Test" vill säga. Du måste dock ta dig igenom en rad utav frågor först. Därefter kommer du att flygas ut till ett hemligt testanläggningen, där du (och tre stycken personer till) kommer att gå igenom diverse olika spännande experiment på plats (the thrillometer). Skulle du sedan (mot all odds) klara dig igenom alla test, då kan du åka hem med över 1,000 pund på fickan.

Så, om du bestämt dig för att ställa upp i "The Thrill Test" så önskar jag dig lycka till! Jag tog mig även friheten att bifoga Maria Casinos officiella informationstext om tävlingen:

"Take the Thrill Test now to find out if you need more excitement in your life. By taking the test, you’ll get the opportunity to win one of four exclusive places in the Thrillometer (worth GBP 400) and become Europe’s most thrilled person! – If you are one of the lucky winners – boy, do we have a crazy prize for you! You’ll be flown to a secret test facility, where you’ll endure the most thrilling experiments – and if you are the most thrilling person in Europe, you’ll win the grand prize worth GBP 1000! Sign up now!" - Maria Casino


Maria Casino are well-known for offering their players a wide variety of different kinds of casino games (not to mention free spins and bonuses), like Blackjack, roulette and a handful of Casino slot's machines. However, it seems like Maria Casino is ready to take their business to the next level with their "Thrill Test" contest. So what is "The Thrill Test" all about then? Well, it´s a free chance for those who seek to find some much-needed thrill and adrenaline kicks (you know, to get some excitement in your every day life?).

To be exact though, it´s a chance for you to win a lot of money. Well, at least if you have what it takes to take on the challenges that await you in "The Thrill test". However, before you get a chance to do so you have to answer a bunch of questions first. And "if" you make it through all the questions, and "if" you have been chosen to take part of "The Thrill Test" contest. Then you (and three other people) will be flown out to a secret test facility where you will go through several different exciting experiments on site (the thrillometer). And "if" you would manage (against all odds) to make it through all the thrill challenges, then you just earned yourself £1,000 in hard cash.

So, if you have made up your mind about participating in "The Thrill Test"contest Then I wish you the best of luck with everything! I also took the liberty to add Mario Casino´s official information text about the contest:

"Take the Thrill Test now to find out if you need more excitement in your life. By taking the test, you’ll get the opportunity to win one of four exclusive places in the Thrillometer (worth GBP 400) and become Europe’s most thrilled person! – If you are one of the lucky winners – boy, do we have a crazy prize for you! You’ll be flown to a secret test facility, where you’ll endure the most thrilling experiments – and if you are the most thrilling person in Europe, you’ll win the grand prize worth GBP 1000! Sign up now!"

***Sponsrat inlägg***

/Robin E
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Ubisoft will soon release "Far Cry Primal"

It´s time to put your war face on.

It´s less than week left now until Ubisoft´s release of their action/adventure FPS game "Far Cry Primal" to PS4 and Xbox One (the Windows version will launch on March the 1st). And as one might expect, the hype is pretty high. So it´s going to be really interesting to see if a stone age (the game takes place during the Mesolithic period, 10,000 BCE) version of Far Cry will be well received among the fans.

However, so far so good I would say. As I like the idea of playing as a tribal warrior in an open-world sandbox environment (yes, you have the ability to tame wild animals and use them against your enemies). You will even be able to become a leader over your own tribe, and you can make meele and short-ranged weapons as well (you need the right kind of resources in-order to create weapons though).

So I really hope that "Far Cry Primal" will become a truly fun and cool game. We will know for sure on the 23rd of February, because that´s the date that the game launches to PS4 and Xbox One.

/Robin E
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Samsung Youth Olympics - Lillehammer 2016, the best of the best

May the best male or female win!

I don´t know if you´re just as interested in sports as I am, but if that´s the case. Then I´m quite sure that you have followed the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympics event with great interest right? Well, that´s what I´ve been doing for the last five days. Any ways, as I was saying. The Lillehammer 2016 event ends on the 21st of February (that would be this Sunday). So we're getting closer to the finals and closing ceremonies for each day that goes by now. Personally, I like speed skating, snowboard, ice hockey and alpine skiing the most. As I find those sports to offer a lot of excitements and action.

Nevertheless, It´s only the best of the best that will get the gold medals (the winner takes it all). So it´s going to be really interesting to see the final score and who wins what this Sunday. I´m cheering for Sweden of course, since I´m Swedish. However, I´m also cheering for Finland and Norway (as I see them as our blood brothers and sisters).

And speaking of sports, winners and Lillehammer 2016, Samsung (who are one of the official sponsors of the event) has started their own hashtag movement called "#TheOnlyWayToKnow". And not only that, Samsung has also released a TV-ad based on that hashtag as well (as seen in the movie down below). So what is the TV ad and hashtag all about then? Well, it´s about teen athletes tackling self-doubt. That they should believe in themselves, and just give everything they have. In the matter of fact, these are Samsung´s own words on the matter:

"All athletes, especially teen athletes, face a debilitating amount of doubt and pressure. To help fight these ever-present constraints of teenage life and empower teens to commit to sport, Samsung has partnered with the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympics Games.

Together we fight these said pressures and celebrate young athletes everywhere.

We may all face pressures, uncertainties and doubt. But in the end, we also all believe the same thing: #TheOnlyWayToKnow is to try.

Maybe this is the end
Maybe I'll just be forgotten
Maybe I'll only ever be a beauty queen
Maybe I'm just different
Maybe this is the worst (Maybe these are the worst years)
Maybe this is too much
Maybe I should just give up
Maybe this is a phase.. my limit.. torture
Maybe I'm just tired
Maybe this will be what stops me
Maybe I'll start listening


Maybe I'll NEVER listen
Maybe I don't need you to like me
Maybe this already pays enough
Maybe I'm already enough
Maybe this will be what pushes me
Maybe I'll be the best
The greatest
the fastest

Maybe this isn't the end
Maybe this is just the beginning

The only way to know is to try."

So, are you ready for final days of Lillehammer 2016?

/Robin E
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Adressändring presents "The photo booth"

Be aware of identity theft dear Swedes!

Technology has always been very close to my heart, as I pretty much grew up with computers and video game consoles around me. And as time went by, technology (and the software) just got more and more advanced. That is of course a good thing, as advanced technology has improved our life, society and planet in many different kinds of ways (cancer research, space exploration, solar cells and much more). However, there is a down side to advanced technology as well. For example, just take the fact that in Sweden, over 67,000 Swedes had their identities stolen last year.

This is of course some really unpleasant news, but it could have been prevented. In fact, if the Swedes had signed up for Adressändring´s address watcher service (adressbevakaren). Then their identities would most likely not have been stolen. And Adressändring talked about this in their latest commercial “the photo booth” (Fotobåset in Swedish). So “hopefully” more Swedes will be aware of the risk of identity theft now, because it´s no joking matter to have your identity stolen by someone else. So don´t be naive, get in touch with Adressändring and get their address watcher service as soon as possible!

/Robin E
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Sponsored video - The Sims 4, you create, you control and you decide

You can pretty much create a digital copy of yourself in "The Sims 4".

Jag är troligen inte den enda som tycker att det är overkligt att det nästan är jul nu. Jag menar, det är ju trots allt bara sju dagar kvar tills tomten kommer att ha fullt upp med att dela ut julklappar över hela världen. Och ärligt talat så kan jag redan känna av stressen jag med. Jag har dock redan köpt alla mina julklappar för i år, så den stressen slipper jag iallafall. Påtal om julklappar. Jag tror mig veta minst en julklapp som kan gå hem hos de som gillar tv och dataspel. Eller ja, iallafall om han eller hon gillar simulator spel.

Ja, jag talar givetvis om EA och Maxis "The Sims 4". För sedan EA lanserade spelet i September förra året, så har EA uppdaterat spelet en hel del. För att inte tala om alla DLC´s och expansionspaket som släppts också (du kan dessutom köpa "The Sims 4" via Amazon för runt 40 dollar numera, så spelet är relativt billigt nu för tiden).

Så om du känner någon som gillar att skapa, bygga, utforska och kontrollera digitala liv och världar. Då bör du helt klart överväga att ge bort "The Sims 4" i julklapp till den personen.

I´m probably not the only one who thinks that it´s pretty unreal that it´s almost Christmas now. I mean, it´s just seven days left until Santa is supposed to get really busy with delivering Christmas presents all over the world. To be honest, I can already feel the panic and all the stress knocking on my door as well. I have bought all of my Christmas presents in advance though, and speaking of Christmas presents. I may know of at least one Christmas present that would make a Gamer pretty happy about this year's Christmas for sure (at least if he or she likes life simulator games).

I´m talking about EA and Maxis "The Sims 4", because since the game launched back in September last year. EA has updated the game quite a lot, not to mention all the new expansion packs and DLCs that's been released on top of that (you can also buy "The Sims 4" for about $40 US via Amazon.com, so it´s rather cheap nowadays).

So if you know someone who really likes to create, build, explore and control everything there is in his or her digital avatars life. Then you might consider buying that person "The Sims 4" for Christmas this year.

***Sponsored post***

/Robin E
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