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Be aware of identity theft dear Swedes!

Technology has always been very close to my heart, as I pretty much grew up with computers and video game consoles around me. And as time went by, technology (and the software) just got more and more advanced. That is of course a good thing, as advanced technology has improved our life, society and planet in many different kinds of ways (cancer research, space exploration, solar cells and much more). However, there is a down side to advanced technology as well. For example, just take the fact that in Sweden, over 67,000 Swedes had their identities stolen last year.

This is of course some really unpleasant news, but it could have been prevented. In fact, if the Swedes had signed up for Adressändring´s address watcher service (adressbevakaren). Then their identities would most likely not have been stolen. And Adressändring talked about this in their latest commercial “the photo booth” (Fotobåset in Swedish). So “hopefully” more Swedes will be aware of the risk of identity theft now, because it´s no joking matter to have your identity stolen by someone else. So don´t be naive, get in touch with Adressändring and get their address watcher service as soon as possible!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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