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May the best male or female win!

I don´t know if you´re just as interested in sports as I am, but if that´s the case. Then I´m quite sure that you have followed the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympics event with great interest right? Well, that´s what I´ve been doing for the last five days. Any ways, as I was saying. The Lillehammer 2016 event ends on the 21st of February (that would be this Sunday). So we're getting closer to the finals and closing ceremonies for each day that goes by now. Personally, I like speed skating, snowboard, ice hockey and alpine skiing the most. As I find those sports to offer a lot of excitements and action.

Nevertheless, It´s only the best of the best that will get the gold medals (the winner takes it all). So it´s going to be really interesting to see the final score and who wins what this Sunday. I´m cheering for Sweden of course, since I´m Swedish. However, I´m also cheering for Finland and Norway (as I see them as our blood brothers and sisters).

And speaking of sports, winners and Lillehammer 2016, Samsung (who are one of the official sponsors of the event) has started their own hashtag movement called "#TheOnlyWayToKnow". And not only that, Samsung has also released a TV-ad based on that hashtag as well (as seen in the movie down below). So what is the TV ad and hashtag all about then? Well, it´s about teen athletes tackling self-doubt. That they should believe in themselves, and just give everything they have. In the matter of fact, these are Samsung´s own words on the matter:

"All athletes, especially teen athletes, face a debilitating amount of doubt and pressure. To help fight these ever-present constraints of teenage life and empower teens to commit to sport, Samsung has partnered with the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympics Games.

Together we fight these said pressures and celebrate young athletes everywhere.

We may all face pressures, uncertainties and doubt. But in the end, we also all believe the same thing: #TheOnlyWayToKnow is to try.

Maybe this is the end
Maybe I'll just be forgotten
Maybe I'll only ever be a beauty queen
Maybe I'm just different
Maybe this is the worst (Maybe these are the worst years)
Maybe this is too much
Maybe I should just give up
Maybe this is a phase.. my limit.. torture
Maybe I'm just tired
Maybe this will be what stops me
Maybe I'll start listening


Maybe I'll NEVER listen
Maybe I don't need you to like me
Maybe this already pays enough
Maybe I'm already enough
Maybe this will be what pushes me
Maybe I'll be the best
The greatest
the fastest

Maybe this isn't the end
Maybe this is just the beginning

The only way to know is to try."

So, are you ready for final days of Lillehammer 2016?

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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