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Don´t we all just hate when people (or tv-commercials) interrupts us when we are watching tv?

In Sweden Comhem are a really big internet operator. And they are pretty well-known for their crazy and funny tv-commercials in Sweden. So it's only suting that Comhem have started to use the Swedish comedian Felix Herngren, in their new tv-commercial for TiVO (a digital video recorder service).

The video (which are made by David Sundin) are entarily in Swedish (it´s pretty funny imo). But you could always activate the English subtitles (once Youtube activates that function again that is). So with that said, please enjoy the video ;)

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/Robin E
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The nerdy bartender - TMNT slushies

The Nerdy Bartender knows what the TMNT fans want´s for a drink ;)

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has just been released on the cinemas worldwide. And to my big surprise, it didn't suck as much that i thought it would (the movie has a average score of 6.4/10 via imdb.com). And to make things even better.

I was contacted by The Nerdy Bartender last night (via FB). Which would be a brand new show on Youtube. Yes, it´s all about nerdy drinks. And in the very first episode of TNB we get to see some really awesome TMNT slushies!

So if you like the thoughts of nerdy drinks. Then you should check out the TNB show asap!

/Robin E
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LeoVegas - Goods of the week

Frank Andersson wants YOU to play on LeoVegas.com

Way back in time i remember seeing Frank Andersson in WCW as a kid (back in the early 90s). And it sure feelt good to know that a Swede was wrestling in WCW. Because there wasn't that many pro Swede wrestlers in WCW back then.

Frank has of course been retired from wrestling a long time ago. But still i couldn't help to smile a bit when i saw him in LeoVegas new tv-ad. So, are you feeling lucky today? If that´s the case. Then give LeoVegas a go ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

TGG v2.0 - A update on our new homepage

There´s a huge difference between the old and the new homepage.

I know that we been rather quite about our new homepage (TGG v2.0). But there´s a pretty good reason why we been quite all this time. It´s because we been hard at work with TGG v2.0. And it´s now live! You can checkout our new homepage at http://thegg.net/ 

We have been working on TGG v2.0 since the 15th of May. It´s far from done though, so we are already working on TGG v2.1 (which has like, +100 fixes to it). Now you might wonder WHEN will we leave the old homepage? Probably by the end of August.

And by then, TGG v2.1 shall be done and made as well. That means that we have done over 200 fixes since May the 15th (once TGG v2.1 are fixed). So if you´re going to leave feedback on http://thegg.net/ (which we love!).

Then please keep in mind that nothing are final on our new homepage (i am yet to fix a mobile friendly version of the site for ex). Thank you!

/Robin E
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The Gaming Ground v2.0 - Release on Monday!

tgg logo
We will open up our new homepage next Monday (TGG v2.0).

For about 2 months i have worked on and off on our new homepage. And now it´s finally time to show TGG v2.0 for the world. Well, to be exact. The site will go live on Monday next week (but you get the point). And this is how things will go down.

The page will be live and everything. But we want to do a smooth transition from thegamingground.com to our new homepage. Because there´s still a ton of work to be done on our new homepage. And that´s where you (our readers and fans) comes into the picture.

We need your help to make our new homepage as good as possible. So we really need your feedback. Because i´m more than aware that not "everything" will work (and look) great at the very start (the mobile version of TGG v2.0 looks really bad for ex. But i´m working on it!).

But that´s pretty much the case with all new homepages. Anyhow, we are looking forward to hear what you guys think about our new homepage =) And if you wonder, we will turn down the lights for gamingground.com by the end of July (the page will be live. But we won´t post any new updates or such on it).

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Athene pisses Off 10K Gamers about net neutrality at DH14

athene dreamhack
Athene spill the beans about net neutrality.

I knew about net neutrality, NAS, FRA. Because that´s old news. And it´s been known for quite sometime (thanks to alternative media and social media). But when i heard Athene´s speach about net neutrality at Dreamhack.

Because there seems to be a lot of things going on behind the curtains. Like the fact that there´s plans on dividing internet into two parts (a slow and a fast one). And you can read more about it at fcc´s homepage.

/Robin E
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