Internet trolls - How to handle them

A internet troll in action.

Sadly enough, our dear beloved internet just happens to be full of internet trolls. And i'm talking about millions, and millions of internet trolls.They are literally everywhere, and nowhere. And the more famous and successful you become. The more internet trolls will target you (the same thing goes for haters).

But that´s the price that you have to pay to reach to the very top of the food chain. Cuz there's no way to avoid them, but you can sure as hell ignore them (don´t feed them!). And don´t even think about starting a argument war with a internet troll.

Cuz that´s a war that you will never win. Trust me, It´s just a waste of both time and energy (and for some strange reason. Most internet trolls seems to have a lot of time on their hands). Me, i have been called a lot of things. Trolls have even threaten me.

But i'm not going to let them bring me down, or stop me from doing the stuff i love (making videos and writing articles). So how do you handle these foul creatures of the night? Well, i found a really good article about internet trolls (and how you should handle them) at webroot´s homepage.So you could always check that article out for some advice and guidance.

But have any of you guys (and girls) had any really bad internet troll experiences?

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

We got 10,000 followers on Twitter!

The next goal will be to reach the 20K mark before the end of this year.

I´ve got some rather great news to share with you guys. Cuz I just noticed that we have reached the 10K follower mark on Twitter. Sure, we didn't reach that goal last year (yesterday), but what a heck, We reached that goal just one day later.

So we are totally cool with It. Anyhow, a big, big thank you to everyone that made this happen for us. We love you all! Our next goal would be to nail the 20K follower mark on Twitter. Wish us luck people ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The Gaming Ground celebrates one year!

tgg celebrates one year
We started the TGG blog 2013-01-01.

Time really does fly by when your having fun. Cuz one year ago on this very day. We actually launched our The Gaming Ground blog. Matter of fact, I worked on the TGG page on New Years Eve 2012 (the day before 2013-01-01).

And I have to say that we have achived quite a lot since we launched The Gaming Ground. We had almost no followers at all on Twitter back then, our Youtube page was dead, the webbpage needed update ect ect. But now we are a Gaming force to reckon with.

So we can´t wait to launch The Gaming Ground v2.0 !We hope to unleash TGG v2.0 upon the world this summer some time. I can tell you boys and girls this much though. Our new page will be on a new platform, and the design for TGG v2.0 won´t look anything like v1.7.

It will also be In 100% English from the start. Cuz I have to admit, It was a huge misstake to write everything In Swedish. But back In 2009, none of us had the skills (or knowledge) to write everything In English. We will however keep on translating stuff on our current site.

Because we received a lot of positive feedback from our international readers. At this moment, we translate about 3-4 articles per day. So with time, most of the stuff on our page will be In 100% English.

Anyhow, a big thank you to everyone that has supported us since the very start. And we really look forward to bring The Gaming Ground to the next level asap!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The Gaming Ground wishes everyone a happy new year!

happy new year 2014 
2014 will become a really good Gaming year (no matter the format).

This will be my very last article for this year. So I will try to do my best to make It a memorable one. First of all I would like to thank all our readers and viewers for all the support and love you been givin us this year (we love you all!).

Second of all, I want to wish all you boys and girls a really happy new year =) And we really hope that 2014 will offer a lot of great games and Gaming experiences. We (The Gaming Ground) also hope to become even better and bigger next year.

So we will keep on working really hard to achive all of our goals for 2014. Wit that said, happy new year people! And take care ;) Oh! btw, don't forget to watch IGN´s video "2014's Most-anticipated Games". Cuz It´s a really good summary for the upcoming 2014 games.

Bye for now my Gamer people!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The secret package - Blue microphones snowball white

It´s worth every single cent imo.

As promised, I will now revival the insides, of the secret package (which I wrote about yesterday). A lot of people tried to guess what It could be, but no one got It quite right. But due the fact that It´s christmas today. Im going to give a shout out for all those whom tried to guess what was Inside the package ;)

Anyhow, It was a Blue microphones snowball white microphone. Which just happens to be the best damn microphone I ever used. You really get a lot of value for your money with this one. So Im going to record all my videos with the snowball white microphone from now on =)

Happy christmas and Gaming people!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The secret package - Santa has arrived!

the secret package
What could It be?

Oh joy of plenty, Cuz I just recived a early christmas gift from santa! But what could It be? A PS4? a Wii-U? All seasons of the Walking Dead? Or perhaps a iPad? I thought that we could turn this Into a "little" christmas guessing game.

Who can guess what´s inside of the package? I will do a shout out via Twitter (to +8K) to the one who guesses correctly. Good luck ;) And I will reveal the contents tomorrow!

/Robin E
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