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We will open up our new homepage next Monday (TGG v2.0).

For about 2 months i have worked on and off on our new homepage. And now it´s finally time to show TGG v2.0 for the world. Well, to be exact. The site will go live on Monday next week (but you get the point). And this is how things will go down.

The page will be live and everything. But we want to do a smooth transition from thegamingground.com to our new homepage. Because there´s still a ton of work to be done on our new homepage. And that´s where you (our readers and fans) comes into the picture.

We need your help to make our new homepage as good as possible. So we really need your feedback. Because i´m more than aware that not "everything" will work (and look) great at the very start (the mobile version of TGG v2.0 looks really bad for ex. But i´m working on it!).

But that´s pretty much the case with all new homepages. Anyhow, we are looking forward to hear what you guys think about our new homepage =) And if you wonder, we will turn down the lights for gamingground.com by the end of July (the page will be live. But we won´t post any new updates or such on it).

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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