Ubisoft will soon release "Far Cry Primal"comment_here

It´s time to put your war face on.

It´s less than week left now until Ubisoft´s release of their action/adventure FPS game "Far Cry Primal" to PS4 and Xbox One (the Windows version will launch on March the 1st). And as one might expect, the hype is pretty high. So it´s going to be really interesting to see if a stone age (the game takes place during the Mesolithic period, 10,000 BCE) version of Far Cry will be well received among the fans.

However, so far so good I would say. As I like the idea of playing as a tribal warrior in an open-world sandbox environment (yes, you have the ability to tame wild animals and use them against your enemies). You will even be able to become a leader over your own tribe, and you can make meele and short-ranged weapons as well (you need the right kind of resources in-order to create weapons though).

So I really hope that "Far Cry Primal" will become a truly fun and cool game. We will know for sure on the 23rd of February, because that´s the date that the game launches to PS4 and Xbox One.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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