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Since the launch of the ARPANET (1969, an early version of the Internet that we know of today) the Internet has change "quite" a lot. The big change would come in the early 90s. However, as the public started to get access to the Internet. Me, I still remember the first time that I played Doom over the Internet back in 1994 (on a really slow dial-up modem. It was a "top of the line" kind of modem at that time though) it felt somewhat unreal to be able to play against other real players from different parts of the world.

However, not before 1996 did I get my own modem (a 33.6K modem), and at that time Internet was really small (only Yahoo and Altavista existed as search engines as well). Not only that, there was very few "good" webpages that you could visit (as Internet was still very young and in a development stage). Even so, there´s still some good aspects which I can mention about the mid 90s version of the Internet.

1. Much less spyware, adware, viruses and trojans
2. Most webpages were rather harmless (less porn, hate, scam sites and so on)

None of that can be said about today's version of the Internet. As it´s recommended that you use a hardware (and software) firewall, a maleware and anti-virus program in-order to stay somewhat safe on the web. However, there is actually another solution to get a really safe PC, and that is to use a "all-in-one" security software solution.

If you´re not 100% sure if F-Secure´s Safe is the solution for you. Then you could always download and try the free 30-day trial first.

Like F-Secure´s "Safe" software, for example. Which protects your computer from harm at all times (for PC, MAC, tablets and smart phones). So if you like the sound of that, then you should download and try the 30-day free trial of F-Secure Safe asap! Oh, another thing. I have one more fun story about the old-school version of the web. Back in 1997 I tried to download the demo for Running with Scissors action/slaughter simulator "Postal" on a 56K modem.

It took me almost a whole day to download that demo, and I ended up with a rather expensive Internet bill as well (I'm  sure glad that I/we won´t have to deal with stuff like that anymore), but you know what? It was so worth it ;)

Try the world's best protection for all your devices for free for 30 days. Submit the form to download the  full version of F-Secure SAFE. Multi-device Internet security for your PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet. Protect your devices with one simple solution. The personal information you submit will be processed in accordance to F-Secure's Privacy Policy. Any emails that you receive from our system will contain unsubscribe information, and you may opt out of future emails at any time.

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The Windows 10 preview are now available for download

windows 10 
"The best Windows yet". Is that so?

Microsoft sure dropped a bomb on the world when they revealed that there will be no Windows 9. Yes, it´s true. And i was surprised as well (i watched the San Francisco event like everyone else). Instead Microsoft will give us Windows 10, and there by skipping Windows 9 totally.

And today i was informed that MS has released a public version of the Windows 10 preview. So you can actually download that preview right away (if you feel like it). I am yet to try Win 10, so i can´t say if it´s true or not.

That Windows 10 are "the best Windows yet". However, i like Windows 10 so far. Because it seems to be a mix of the best parts from Win 7 and 8, and MS have added a ton of cool (new) features on top of that. But one question remains.

Will Windows 10 be Gamer friendly?

Be a part of every step
Join the Windows Insider Program so you can be part of every key moment along the way as we create Windows 10. You'll get Windows 10 Technical Preview, all the builds as soon as they're available, and an easy-to-use feedback app.

Help us shape the future of Windows
With the Windows Insider Program, you’ll get all the latest Windows preview builds as soon as they’re available. This means you’ll be one of the first to experience the new ideas and concepts we’re building.
In return, we want to know what you think. You’ll get an easy-to-use app to give us your feedback, which will help guide us along the way.

This program is designed exclusively for people who want be involved in the process. So if you want to help us build the best Windows yet, we want you to join us.

/Robin E
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Windows 10 announced - Bye bye Windows 9

windows 10 
Well, obviously MS thought that it was a better idea to just skip Win 9 and jump straight to Win 10 instead.

Windows 10 has been announced as of today, but if you want to get your hands on it earlier, you'll either have to wait until the early part of 2015, or wait 24 hours. Tomorrow, Microsoft launches its Insider Program, offering a preview mode for both laptops and desktops.

Being Touted as the company's "most comprehensive platform, ever," Windows 10 stresses a single product family, platform, and store. The best feature of the new OS is the familiar start menu for mouse users and the like.

New look:
The new version looks like the pre-Windows 8 Start Menu, revealing a list of apps, folders, and a search bar, but to the side will be a series of Live Tiles. It will be familiar to many veterans of Microsoft Windows, and you'll find a Windows 7 Start Menu with a Windows 8 twist. The search function works much like it does when typing from the Windows 8 Modern UI, revealing apps, files, and web results.

Free will with Apps:
You can now Window the apps  within the traditional desktop, adding more flexibility in how you use them—since currently, they can only be used at full-screen or within the confines of "snapped" windows. For the newly designed apps you can snap them to the desktop, in the much traditional fashion.

Task View:
When you initiate "Task View" a series of small desktop views will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, with larger previews of the apps being shown off in the middle of the display. You can also quickly select and move around apps from different desktops with a new "Snap Assist" function, which will be nice for the power users out there.

Different versions:
Microsoft will also introduce a different version for those using touchscreen computers. Yes that's right we'll finally see something different from Windows 8 exclusively as a universal operating system.

Instead of a small menu consisting of a bunch of text and small Live Tiles, touchscreen users will be given something that more resembles the Windows 8 Modern UI, while still in the traditional desktop. Microsoft is really working to blend both distinct interfaces into one experience that works for all users.

What would work best in this instance is if we received the option from the setup menu to decide which version we wanted, or if we could freely switch between the two modes.

What do you think of Windows 10? Let us know in the comments and share this post!

tgg author avatar kenay peterson
/Kenay Peterson
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Windows 8 users will get Windows 9 for free

windows 9
One can only hope that Win 9 will become a better OS than Win 8 ever was.
Apparently Windows 9 won´t be free for everyone.  Because not everyone will be able to get the Win 9 upgrade for free.At least if you choose to believe the Russian internet personality"Wzor" (the very same guy that leaked info about Windows 8.2).

Because according to Wzor´s statements via Twitter. Only stand alone licences of Windows 8.1 will get the Windows 9 upgrade for free. So that means that if you got a OEM licens of Windows 8 (which normally comes with pre-installed computers), you will have to pay for Windows 9.

But keep in mind. None of this are official statements from Microsoft. So it´s going to be really interesting to see what MS will unveil during the San Francisco event today. A´lea iacta est! As the Romans would have said.

Today is a very important day for Microsoft (and all the users of Windows). Because today is the day that Microsoft will show Windows 9 to the world. In fact, MS will launch an exclusive launch event in San Francisco later today.

So there will be a lot of tension and excitement in the air today. Some things has already been said about Windows 9 though. Like the fact that everyone that has bought Windows 8, won´t have to pay a single penny for an Windows 9 upgrade.

And as you might already know, there´s a handful of leaked screenshots for Windows 9 on the web (start menu, desktop, the new IE, and so on). But even so, there´s a lot of people waiting to hear the "offical" releasedate for the Windows 9 preview, plus the full release (which are said to be set for a release sometime next year).
There´s of course a whole bunch of sites that has written about Windows 9 speculations, rumours and wishful thinking. But i think it´s way better to hear what Microsoft says about Win 9. So later today, we will all know for sure what´s the deal with Win 9.


/Robin E
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Facebook deletes your account if someone flags it?

The almighty Facebook logo.

I can´t say that i´m a frequent user of Facebook. I log in on FB like, one time per week or something like that. But the other day i heard something that made me shrug. Because apparently there has been cases when FB has deleted peoples accounts (without contacting the person/company in question first), just becouse someone has reported it to FB.

As i understand it. You can report (flag) FB pages to Facebook in one of the following cases:

- If the FB page contains improper content (hate speaches, child porn and so on)
- If the FB page in question are a false one (a fake celebrity account for ex.)

Nothing wrong with that. But here comes the interesting part. If enough people abuse the FB report system (if they don´t like you, jealousy or whatever), then you can theoretically get the FB team to delete a legit FB page. And if that´s the case, then it´s a big issue for everyone that uses FB.

Because IF this happens to you. Then the FB team won´t contact you until they have deleted your FB page (not before). Then they will ask you to prove that you are you (via id or passport). But then the damage has already been done.

That means that all your likes and months (maybe years) hard work just went up in smoke, just like that. That´s a very scary thought imo. And it dosen´t seem like FB keeps any backups either. So once they delete your account, it´s gone forever.

If this is true. Then FB should adress this problem asap. BEFORE it becomes a internet plague (and a effective tool for trolls and haters) for it´s users.

You can read more about FB´s report system down below:

"At Facebook we maintain a robust infrastructure that empowers our more than 900 million person community to help us enforce our policies by using the report links found throughout the site. While it is unlikely that you will have any problems with content on the site, it might not always be clear what happens once you do decide to click "Report." Today, we are excited to publish a guide that will give the people who use Facebook more insight into our reporting process."

/Robin E
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Microsoft gives back our start menu in Windows 9

windows 9 logo
Microsoft will Showcase Windows 9 some time in September this year.

Windows 9, is ready to wash away the sins that Windows 8 has set upon us hallelujah! Finally Microsoft is ready to wash away those sins in the waters of code, and programming. According to ZDNet's veteran Microsoft reporter, a "technology preview" version of the OS is coming in late September or October, with the final release scheduled for spring 2015.

Hopefully we’ll get more details as we move forward. Codenamed "Threshold," The rumored changes in Threshold inspire hope that Windows 9 will be to Windows 8 what Windows 7 was to Vista. If this is true it will be the greatest form of customer feedback we have seen in almost 10 years from Microsoft.

windows 9 start menu
Yep, the Windows start menu are back in Win 8.1 and Win 9.

Yes, the Start menu is coming back. Microsoft showed off a prototype mini start menu back in April, which retains the Modern tile look while bringing back the Start program list. Some version of this Start menu will supposedly come to Windows 8.1 in a fall update as well. With this being confirmed we can all rest assured that it will reestablish the OS for what it used to be, back in 2010.

Are you excited for the Start Menu to return in Windows 8.1 and Windows 9? Let us know and share this with a friend!

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/Kenay Peterson
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