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I can´t say that i´m a frequent user of Facebook. I log in on FB like, one time per week or something like that. But the other day i heard something that made me shrug. Because apparently there has been cases when FB has deleted peoples accounts (without contacting the person/company in question first), just becouse someone has reported it to FB.

As i understand it. You can report (flag) FB pages to Facebook in one of the following cases:

- If the FB page contains improper content (hate speaches, child porn and so on)
- If the FB page in question are a false one (a fake celebrity account for ex.)

Nothing wrong with that. But here comes the interesting part. If enough people abuse the FB report system (if they don´t like you, jealousy or whatever), then you can theoretically get the FB team to delete a legit FB page. And if that´s the case, then it´s a big issue for everyone that uses FB.

Because IF this happens to you. Then the FB team won´t contact you until they have deleted your FB page (not before). Then they will ask you to prove that you are you (via id or passport). But then the damage has already been done.

That means that all your likes and months (maybe years) hard work just went up in smoke, just like that. That´s a very scary thought imo. And it dosen´t seem like FB keeps any backups either. So once they delete your account, it´s gone forever.

If this is true. Then FB should adress this problem asap. BEFORE it becomes a internet plague (and a effective tool for trolls and haters) for it´s users.

You can read more about FB´s report system down below:

"At Facebook we maintain a robust infrastructure that empowers our more than 900 million person community to help us enforce our policies by using the report links found throughout the site. While it is unlikely that you will have any problems with content on the site, it might not always be clear what happens once you do decide to click "Report." Today, we are excited to publish a guide that will give the people who use Facebook more insight into our reporting process."

/Robin E
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