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One can only hope that Win 9 will become a better OS than Win 8 ever was.
Apparently Windows 9 won´t be free for everyone.  Because not everyone will be able to get the Win 9 upgrade for free.At least if you choose to believe the Russian internet personality"Wzor" (the very same guy that leaked info about Windows 8.2).

Because according to Wzor´s statements via Twitter. Only stand alone licences of Windows 8.1 will get the Windows 9 upgrade for free. So that means that if you got a OEM licens of Windows 8 (which normally comes with pre-installed computers), you will have to pay for Windows 9.

But keep in mind. None of this are official statements from Microsoft. So it´s going to be really interesting to see what MS will unveil during the San Francisco event today. A´lea iacta est! As the Romans would have said.

Today is a very important day for Microsoft (and all the users of Windows). Because today is the day that Microsoft will show Windows 9 to the world. In fact, MS will launch an exclusive launch event in San Francisco later today.

So there will be a lot of tension and excitement in the air today. Some things has already been said about Windows 9 though. Like the fact that everyone that has bought Windows 8, won´t have to pay a single penny for an Windows 9 upgrade.

And as you might already know, there´s a handful of leaked screenshots for Windows 9 on the web (start menu, desktop, the new IE, and so on). But even so, there´s a lot of people waiting to hear the "offical" releasedate for the Windows 9 preview, plus the full release (which are said to be set for a release sometime next year).
There´s of course a whole bunch of sites that has written about Windows 9 speculations, rumours and wishful thinking. But i think it´s way better to hear what Microsoft says about Win 9. So later today, we will all know for sure what´s the deal with Win 9.


/Robin E
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Postat av: freja

intressant, hur gör man för att få det då, laddar man ner något program eller ? :)

Svar: Nja, alltså. Idag så kommer ju MS att avslöja pris, releasedatum osv för Windows 9. Men de kommer ju att släppa en förhandsversion utav Win 9 först (troligen i Oktober eller November, i samband med thanksgiving).
Har du Windows 8.1, eller köpt Windows 8 separat (ej OEM licens), då kommer du troligen att kunna uppgradera till Windows 9 helt gratis =) Jag hoppas att det var svaret på din fråga.
The Gaming Ground

Date: 2014-09-30 Time: 17:46:38 Url: http://frejamarley.se

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