Futuridium EP Deluxe - Coming to PS4 and PSV in July!

Soon on a PS4 and PS Vita near you.

Joy O´ plenty indeed. Because if you havn´t heard it yet. Mixedbag´s 3D shoot-em-up game "Futuridium EP Deluxe". Are coming to PS4 and PS Vita in July. Futuridium has been available for iOS and MAC for quite sometime now.

But soon it´s finally game on time for the PS4 and PSV owners!

About Futuridium EP Deluxe:
"You are a lone starship pilot who get lost in a dimensional loop just before a battle: with a limited and constantly depleting energy bar your only hope is to fly as fast as possible over enormous space dreadnoughts and destroy all the cyan power cubes, replenishing your energy tank and revealing the ship’s power core, which must be destroyed to move to the next ship."

/Robin E
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Hedgewars! - The baby of Sonic and Worms

If you mix Sonic the hedgehog with Worms, then you get Hedgewars!

It looks like Worms (Team 17) will get some competition. Cuz Hedgewars! are based on the same concept as Worms (with It´s own uniq twist). But instead of worms, It´s hedgehogs that tries to kill each other. But still, I wonder if Team 17 knows of Hedgewars?

It also makes one wonder If they could actually sue the makers of Hedgewars (cuz It looks like Worms). I hope not (cuz that would most likely be the end of Hedgewars!), but that thought just stroke my mind. Anyhow, I just tried the 0.9.20 beta, and It's bloody fun!

So If you like worms, then why wont you give Hedgewars a chance? ;)

/Robin E
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The indiE3 project - An alternative online video-game event

The indie edition of E3, pretty much.

I´ve got nothing bad to say about E3 2014. Because i had a blast from start to end. And i´m still going through all the stuff that i have written down. But every coin has two sides to it. And E3 are mainly for the big AAA studios (or the really successful indie studios). 

So it´s like this huge Gaming party were just a chosen few are invited. And that´s why The indiE3 project toke shape. Because it´s aimed towards all the "underrecognized developers" out there. So "if" you are a really talented, but underrecognized developer.

Then you might wanna checkout indiE3 project.

About The indiE3 project:
"the indiE3 project we want you when the industry at large doesn't. upcoming cyber-event #indiE3 June 9th-15th. we're here to show games, handle talks, and announce the newest indie projects from some of the most underrecognized developers. We Are The Next Generation."

Mission Statement:
IndiE3 Mission Statement Ten years ago, a person could go to a small event called the Electronic Entertainment Expo, sit down with an upside down cardboard box and a laptop and impress somebody with their game. Today, the cultural, economic, and technological landscapes for games and gaming culture are radically different, and if a person brought a cardboard box and a laptop to set up a booth at E3, they would be kindly but strongly asked to leave.

Unlike ten years ago, the ability to make a video game is more accessible than ever before and gaming culture has experienced an explosion of diversity and creativity, but this explosion has been largely unnoticed and ignored. We aim to change that. IndiE3 is designed to help bring coverage and exposure to those who have been marginalized and ignored. We strive to create a safe space to celebrate not only gaming culture today but the potential games have in bridging differences, healing wounds, sharing experiences, and exploring play.

Our goal is to create a platform for creators, critics, broadcasters, and community members to meet and share our love for this unique and powerful medium that we’ve only begun to grasp and understand. We plan to accomplish this by strictly enforcing the boundaries necessary to create safe and friendly spaces especially for those who feel they have none.

We will strive to seek out and build relationships with developers and content creators that are open, transparent, and fair. We aim to remain accessible to all who wish to showcase and share their work and their passion. And we will stay responsive and open to critique and criticism from our own communities so that we can continually grow and improve in order to carry out this mission.

/Robin E
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No mans sky - A Limitless Universe

A Indie game, which, in Sean Murray’s words, captures the science fiction he grew up with.

If you’ve seen Sony’s E3 press conference, one of the things that might have jumped out at you was a very humble Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games presenting the game No Man’s Sky. This was a break in momentum from the triple-A titles we were swarmed with and a welcome breather from the relatively tried-and-tested franchise iterations presented to us throughout each press conference. (I’m looking at you, Assassin’s Creed 12).

This comes as a surprise console-exclusive reveal to many as similar indie games focused on exploration like Minecraft, Terraria and Starbound all started out on the PC. That was, however, before the new generation of consoles.

With Xbox One and PS4 established in the market as acceptable technological alternatives to the PC, I estimate that indie games might favour console-exclusive deals to help with development costs. We will eventually get No Man’s Sky on the PC, the only question left is when.

Exclusivity deal concerns aside, No Man’s Sky is no lightweight in presenting the amount of world for us to explore. Sean Murray introduces the game as “infinite, and it’s one that everyone can share”, focusing on the concept of the infinitely-explorable universe in the game later in his introduction. The ability to explore endlessly is great, but the ability to share somewhat conflicts with the mobility that the game wants you to have.

You see, meeting strangers in a game happens when you run into them – usually it is facilitated in online multiplayer games because there are only a finite number of places everyone can be. When your game world is infinite, will the players simply be picking up each other’s “flags” (as seen in the game, all planets and wildlife have their pioneers inscribed into them) and never really seeing each other?

It really begs the question, especially when the game seems to want you to travel across planets like a nomad rather than having a home planet you stay on. Sharing aside, the gameplay experience will undoubtedly be unique as it combines both land and space exploration in a fully-realized 3D game. 

The E3 trailer gives us a glimpse of other gameplay aspects like wildlife demeanours (aggressive/ non-aggressive) as well as voxel resource blocks. With the emphasis on exploration, I highly doubt construction will be a feature in this game.

Inter-planetary trading and planetary governance might be the secondary mechanics and motivations to continue pioneering new planets, however, as observed in the convoy-like ships in the trailer.  

Stay up-to-date with Sean Murray @NoMansSky and Hello Games @Hellogames. Sean Murray also posts at playstation.blog, and you can check out his pre-E3 blog post here.

tgg author avatar Chen FreakofNatur Yiji
/Chen Yiji
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Habitat are coming to Steam early access in July

Habitat are one hell of a crazy space/simulator action game.

It seems like the folks at 4gency and Versus Evil are having a really good time at E3 in L.A. Because they just announced that their space simulator game "Habitat", will be released on Steam early access in July. In other words, we should soon be able to create all sorts of madness in space very, very soon!

Press release:
"(Austin, TX) June 10, 2014 -- Indie publisher Versus Evil, in partnership with Seattle based indie
developer 4gency, today announced that Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit, will be included in the ID@Xbox games line-up in the Microsoft booth at this year’s 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 Expo), located at the Los Angeles Convention center from June 10-12 The team also revealed that gamers will be able to play an early version of the game for the first time ever when it launches on Steam’s Early Access program in July.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have a demo of Habitat at this year’s E3 Expo,” said Charles Cox, founder of 4gency. “It’s an honor to have the ID@Xbox team select the game as part of their product lineup. We are really excited to show off this early build to the crowd at E3 and are looking forward to demonstrating why Habitat is truly one of a kind.”

“Habitat is already incredibly fun to play, even at this early stage,” said Steve Escalante, general manager of Versus Evil. “The team is working hard to get the game ready for an Early Access launch on Steam in early July. We are looking forward to hearing what gamers think of Habitat, so the team can continue to improve the game and grow it to a fully featured space survival experience.”

More details about the early access program will be announced soon."

About Habitat:
In Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit players assume the role of ‘Commander’ and lead a team of engineers to gather a variety of debris found in Earth’s orbit, turning it into habitable space stations that can support human life.

As players combine different elements of debris, explore space and mine the resources found there, a fully expandable tech tree can be researched. However surviving in a zero gravity universe in the face of constant crisis also relies on the player’s ability to master physics- driven flight simulation as well as turning some of their creations into deadly kinetic orbital weapons that will be needed to take out the enemy when necessary.

/Robin E
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Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries

woolfe the red hood diaries
I really like this version of the Little red riding hood.

I can´t say that im a huge fan of the Little red riding hood story. Sure, i liked the book as a kid. But as i got older, i started to like more dark stories (Alice in Wonderland for ex). But i might actually give Grins Steampunk version of Little red riding hood, a go.

Im talking about the sidescrolling/action platform game "WoolfeThe Red Hood Diaries". Which (imo) seems like a nice mix of both steampunk, and the same darkness (and madness) that exists in American Mcgee's "Alice" series.

So im going to keep an close eye on Woolfe. Cuz i really like the concept, and the trailer made my day. So if you feel the same way about Woolfe. Then don´t forget to vote for the game on indieDB! 

About Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries:
"Non-sugarcoated steampunk fairy tale, full of drama and dark twists. A vengeful Red Riding Hood confronts her nightmares and demons in a dark sidescroller odyssey.

This dark but magical platform game is filled with winks to familiar fairy tales and visual elements reminiscent of masters such as Tim Burton and Anthony Pieck. Woolfe is inspired by story elements from the original, more cruel pre-Grimm versions of Little Red Riding Hood. More updates coming very soon, but hope you like it already..." 

/Robin E
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