The indiE3 project - An alternative online video-game eventcomment_here

The indie edition of E3, pretty much.

I´ve got nothing bad to say about E3 2014. Because i had a blast from start to end. And i´m still going through all the stuff that i have written down. But every coin has two sides to it. And E3 are mainly for the big AAA studios (or the really successful indie studios). 

So it´s like this huge Gaming party were just a chosen few are invited. And that´s why The indiE3 project toke shape. Because it´s aimed towards all the "underrecognized developers" out there. So "if" you are a really talented, but underrecognized developer.

Then you might wanna checkout indiE3 project.

About The indiE3 project:
"the indiE3 project we want you when the industry at large doesn't. upcoming cyber-event #indiE3 June 9th-15th. we're here to show games, handle talks, and announce the newest indie projects from some of the most underrecognized developers. We Are The Next Generation."

Mission Statement:
IndiE3 Mission Statement Ten years ago, a person could go to a small event called the Electronic Entertainment Expo, sit down with an upside down cardboard box and a laptop and impress somebody with their game. Today, the cultural, economic, and technological landscapes for games and gaming culture are radically different, and if a person brought a cardboard box and a laptop to set up a booth at E3, they would be kindly but strongly asked to leave.

Unlike ten years ago, the ability to make a video game is more accessible than ever before and gaming culture has experienced an explosion of diversity and creativity, but this explosion has been largely unnoticed and ignored. We aim to change that. IndiE3 is designed to help bring coverage and exposure to those who have been marginalized and ignored. We strive to create a safe space to celebrate not only gaming culture today but the potential games have in bridging differences, healing wounds, sharing experiences, and exploring play.

Our goal is to create a platform for creators, critics, broadcasters, and community members to meet and share our love for this unique and powerful medium that we’ve only begun to grasp and understand. We plan to accomplish this by strictly enforcing the boundaries necessary to create safe and friendly spaces especially for those who feel they have none.

We will strive to seek out and build relationships with developers and content creators that are open, transparent, and fair. We aim to remain accessible to all who wish to showcase and share their work and their passion. And we will stay responsive and open to critique and criticism from our own communities so that we can continually grow and improve in order to carry out this mission.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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