Monika Lee - The female Bruce Lee of cosplaying

monika lee little sister
Monika Lee as the little sister from Bioshock.

There´s no doubt in my mind (whatsoever) that Monika Lee are one of the most talented cosplayers in the whole world. And due the fact that i just happen to be a big fan of the Bioshock series. I decided to write a piece about Monika Lee (see Monika´s epic Little sister cosplay above!).

Imo, that´s one of her very best cosplays to date. The little sister cosplay i mean. Cuz it´s really off the hook i think. I also have to point out that Monika Lee has one hell of a personality (check out her videos!). And i mean that i good positive kind of way.

So if you wanna see more pictures of Monika Lee. Then pay her Facebook page a visit ;)

Monika Lee´s awards throughout the years:
-Honorable Mention (Dragon*Con 2006)
-Best in Show: Manga (AWA 2007)
-Judge's Award (Dragon*Con 2008)
-Best in Show: Novice (Dragon*Con 2008)
-Honorable Mention (AWA 2008)
-Judge's Choice (Momocon 2009)
-Judge's Choice (AWA 2009)
-Best Group (Momocon 2010)
-Judge's Choice (Momocon 2011)
-Best in Show: Journeyman (Dragon*Con 2011)
-Judge's Award (Katsucon 2012)
-Best in Show: Construction (AWA 2012)
-Representative of Arda Wigs (Winter 2012)
-Best in Show (Planet Comicon 2013)

About Monika Lee:
"Hey, I'm Monika! I make costumes, dress up in them, all while playing video games and eating like 20 lbs of food a day. Come say hi!

I'm a third year student at Georgia Tech studying in Industrial Design. But when I'm not a slave to studio, I also cosplay! I've been cosplaying since 2006 and I love it! I've competed in several craftsmanship contests winning awards such as Best in Show, Judge's Awards, Best Group/Pair and several Honorable Mentions. I also like food!"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Lyeric - One of Canada's finest cosplayers

Imo, Lyeric fits really well as a D3 female babarian.

It seems like Canada are one of the very best nations in the whole world when it comes to cosplayers. Cuz this ain´t the first time that i see a really skilled cosplayer from Canada. This time however, it´s all about a cosplayer named "lyeric".

I probably wouldn't have found out about her. IF, it hadn't been for my new found interest in Diablo 3 (Reaper of souls baby!). Cuz Lyeric just happen to have cosplayed as a D3 female barbarian. That´s far from everything that she´s cosplayed as.

But i really, really liked her barbarian cosplay. So if you wanna see more cosplay pictures of Lyeric. Then just visit her Facebook page! =)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Yaya Han - The most controversial cosplayer ever?

yaya han litchi faye 
Yaya Han as Litchi Faye Ling from BlazBlue.

If your a fan of cosplayers and cosplaying. Then it's very likely that you have heard of Yaya Han (she´s born in China, but she lives in America) before. Cuz she´s one of the most famous cosplayers in the entire world. Yaya has cosplayed everything from Emma Frost (X-Men), Fiora (League of Legends) to Litchi Faye Ling (BlazBlue, as seen in the picture above).

There´s more to Yaya than "just" that though. Cuz she´s also known for causing drama (Heroes of Cosplay anyone?) and being quite controversial (her very "exposing" clothes). But most of the time, it all comes down to the very same thing.

Namely Yaya´s hooters. Me, I couldn't care less. She loves what she does, and i love what she does. And she´s  damn good at what she does. So if you wanna see more of Yaya´s pictures, then visit her Facebook page!

About Yaya Han:
"Yaya Han® is one of only few cosplayers in the world to build a business in this hobby-ist community, but even after a decade of success, she strives to stay true to what got her into this field originally - fun and creativity. To this day, Yaya has made a myriad of costumes in the genres of anime, manga, video games, sci-fi, comic books and of course from her own original designs.

Her intricate and lavish creations have won awards and acclaim worldwide, and she has been invited to appear as a Guest, Panelist, Judge, Performer and Host to over 100 conventions and other events all over the globe.

Through hard work, unmatched passion and infectious enthusiasm, Yaya has helped Cosplay gain respect and integrity as an artform in the fandom world and art communities, and her decade long campaign for creativity has helped raise Cosplay to the standards we know today. Everyday, Yaya continues to pave the path for the beloved art and lifestyle we know as Costume Play."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

K-A-N-A - Cosplay perfection from Germany

spice and wolf kana
K-A-N-A´s Spice and Wolf cosplay.

I don´t really know why. But i have pretty much always liked cat and fox girls. My obsession with them started way back in the early 90s (i find them to be cute). I could probably blame the anime "All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku" for that. At least for my obsession with catgirls.

Fox girls however, i have no idea when i started to like them. But i probably saw some foxgirl in a game, manga or anime way back in the days. Anyhow, i started to watch the anime "Spice and Wolf" some days ago. And that made me think about this whole "Cat/foxgirls Vs Furry girls" thing,

Imo, cat/foxgirls are NOT furries (that's a whole nother "thing"). So when i was googling on the subject, i found a German cosplay girl named "K-A-N-A". Well, guess what? She has done quite a few Spice and Wolf cosplays over the years.

I should point out that K-A-N-A has done way more cosplays then "just" Spice and Wolf. She´s been everything from the Black Cat, Kasumi from DOA to Julia Chang from Tekken. But i have to say that i like K-A-N-A´s Spice and Wolf cosplay the most :3

Oh! If you wanna see more of K-A-N-A´s pictures. Then just visit her deviantart page =)

About K-A-N-A:

my name is Mandy but everyone in the scene calls me Kana. 
I'm insane, strange, dreamy and kind of...reserved (I know, paradox when you compare my cosplay-work with my characteristics).

I have an obsession with horrorstuff, videogames and Yandere characters (somehow I act and feel similar). Prefer survival horror,shooter,RPG and adventure games ♥ (Borderlands,Fallout,Saints Row,Final Fantasy,Star Ocean,Zelda,Ôkami,Dragon Age,Resident Evil,Silent Hill,Amnesia,Rule of Rose,Clock Tower,Demento a.s.o.)

I also like anime and my favourites are Puella Magi Madoka Magica,Mirai Nikki,Queen's Blade,School Days and Elfen Lied (prefer sick/sad/bloody/psycho).

Cosplay means so much to me.It makes me so happy and I don't think that I stop with it in the next time. This hobby was always my crutch in dire straits :>
My costumes are selfmade by me."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Dannabo - A real cosplay talent from Mexico

Dannabo as Ahri (League of Legends).

This was a bit embarrassing so i must admit. Cuz a long time ago i made a top 100 cosplay video (Top 100 Cosplay Babes). And, well at 5:34 (#35) theres a girl that i have always wonder whom she was. Well, guess what? Today i found out who she is!

She is none other than THE Dannabo. A Mexican cosplayer. Dannabo has done a handfull of diffrent cosplays over the years. But she's probably most well known for her Ahri (League of Legends) cosplays (Isn't she cute or what?).

So i guess that i can receive my internet Sherlock Holmes of the day award now xD Anyhow, if you wanna see more of Dannabo´s pictures. Then just visit her Facebook page.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Enji Night - A really talented cosplayer from Hungary

enji hight jill valentine resident evil 3
Imo, Enji Night are one of the best Jill Valentine cosplayers in the world.

I just feelt like i could write a bit about one of my favourite cosplayers today. Cuz she´s a very talented cosplayer, one of the very best actually. And her name is "Enji Night" (she´s originally from Budapest, Hungary). I heard about Enji Night for the very first time some years ago.

Cuz one day i heard rumors about a real life version of the firefox girl. Well, guess what? The firefox girl was actually cosplayed by Enji Night! But that´s far from everything that Enji has cosplayed as throughout the years.

She has for example cosplayed as Super women, Yoko Littner and Jill Valentine. My personal favourite would be her Jill Valentine RE3 cosplay though. Because i have always considered RE3 to be THE scariest RE game in the series to date (only RE Remake can match RE3 when it comes to fear and horror).

So "hopefully" more people will find out about Enji Night, now that i have written about her =) Don´t forget to check out her FB page btw! Cuz you will find more of her cosplay pictures and creations there.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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