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spice and wolf kana
K-A-N-A´s Spice and Wolf cosplay.

I don´t really know why. But i have pretty much always liked cat and fox girls. My obsession with them started way back in the early 90s (i find them to be cute). I could probably blame the anime "All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku" for that. At least for my obsession with catgirls.

Fox girls however, i have no idea when i started to like them. But i probably saw some foxgirl in a game, manga or anime way back in the days. Anyhow, i started to watch the anime "Spice and Wolf" some days ago. And that made me think about this whole "Cat/foxgirls Vs Furry girls" thing,

Imo, cat/foxgirls are NOT furries (that's a whole nother "thing"). So when i was googling on the subject, i found a German cosplay girl named "K-A-N-A". Well, guess what? She has done quite a few Spice and Wolf cosplays over the years.

I should point out that K-A-N-A has done way more cosplays then "just" Spice and Wolf. She´s been everything from the Black Cat, Kasumi from DOA to Julia Chang from Tekken. But i have to say that i like K-A-N-A´s Spice and Wolf cosplay the most :3

Oh! If you wanna see more of K-A-N-A´s pictures. Then just visit her deviantart page =)

About K-A-N-A:

my name is Mandy but everyone in the scene calls me Kana. 
I'm insane, strange, dreamy and kind of...reserved (I know, paradox when you compare my cosplay-work with my characteristics).

I have an obsession with horrorstuff, videogames and Yandere characters (somehow I act and feel similar). Prefer survival horror,shooter,RPG and adventure games ♥ (Borderlands,Fallout,Saints Row,Final Fantasy,Star Ocean,Zelda,Ôkami,Dragon Age,Resident Evil,Silent Hill,Amnesia,Rule of Rose,Clock Tower,Demento a.s.o.)

I also like anime and my favourites are Puella Magi Madoka Magica,Mirai Nikki,Queen's Blade,School Days and Elfen Lied (prefer sick/sad/bloody/psycho).

Cosplay means so much to me.It makes me so happy and I don't think that I stop with it in the next time. This hobby was always my crutch in dire straits :>
My costumes are selfmade by me."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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