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Imo, Enji Night are one of the best Jill Valentine cosplayers in the world.

I just feelt like i could write a bit about one of my favourite cosplayers today. Cuz she´s a very talented cosplayer, one of the very best actually. And her name is "Enji Night" (she´s originally from Budapest, Hungary). I heard about Enji Night for the very first time some years ago.

Cuz one day i heard rumors about a real life version of the firefox girl. Well, guess what? The firefox girl was actually cosplayed by Enji Night! But that´s far from everything that Enji has cosplayed as throughout the years.

She has for example cosplayed as Super women, Yoko Littner and Jill Valentine. My personal favourite would be her Jill Valentine RE3 cosplay though. Because i have always considered RE3 to be THE scariest RE game in the series to date (only RE Remake can match RE3 when it comes to fear and horror).

So "hopefully" more people will find out about Enji Night, now that i have written about her =) Don´t forget to check out her FB page btw! Cuz you will find more of her cosplay pictures and creations there.

/Robin E
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