Aliens Infestation - Part 1 - The evil space robots

aliens infestation part 1
In space no one can hear you scream. You don´t say bro?

It´s been years since i played a good game that´s been based on the Aliens licens. I mean, the latest edition of AVP was, ehrm. Not even close to AVP1 or AVP2 (both games are great!).

And Aliens Colonial Marines...No comment, you know the deal with that one. But don´t worry my dear Gamer friends. Because Wayforward (the makers of Mighty Switch Force!, Shantae, DuckTales Remastered) made a really great Aliens game for Nintendo DS.

And it´s called "Aliens: Infestation". I picked up that one just the other day, and i´m having a blast. the game feels like a combo of Metal Slug, Super Metroid and Aliens imo. It´s a rather short game though (Sadly enough).

It lasts for like 2-5 hours (depending on how skilled you are).
Anyhow, please enjoy part 1 of my Aliens Infestation series!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Monochroma - Part 1 - A tale of two sons

monochroma part 1
Let the 1950s dystopia madness begin!

I never thought that i would see a game that would mix three of my favourite games of all time. Which would be Limbo, Prince of Persia and A tale of two sons. But that´s exactly how "Monochroma" looks and feels like.

I may also add that the main character (the bigger brother in the game) feels like a mini version of Shinobi (with the red scarf and everything). And the super awesome 1950s dystopia graphics makes Monochroma feel lika a interactive painting.

Let´s just say that i love the game so far ;) So, please enjoy part 1 of my Monochroma series!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Iji - Part 5 - The Komoto assassin

iji part 5
Komoto assassin vs Iji. Round 1, fight!

Iji are a pretty hard game even on the lowest difficulty setting. So when you play it on hard (which i do), there´s very little room for misstakes. Because later on in the game.

There´s actually enemies that can kill you with one single shot (if you have haven't upgraded your armor or health that is). 
So it´s extremely important that you upgrade your alien skills asap.

So that you can use the Komoto weapon arsenal for ex. 
At least if you want to stand a chance against the Komoto assassin. I think that i did rather well though.

So please enjoy part 5 of my Iji series ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Path of shadows - Part 1 - That's one big knife

path of shadows part 1
Mr Pyramid head knows how to swing a knife like a boss.

"Only a Ninja can kill a Ninja". That´s what i feelt when i sat down with the stealth/action game "Path of shadows" today. But there´s way more to it than "just" that.

Because Path of shadows are a mix of both Dishonored, Mark of the Ninja, Okami, Journey and Sly Cooper. And you actually get vibes from all those games while you´re playing Path of shadows.

And if you are a Silent Hill fan. Then you will get my SH joke (the name of the video + the Youtube picture). Anyhow, please enjoy part 1 of my Path of shadows series!

/Jonas E
The Gaming Ground

Chronology - Part 3 - The heavy metal snail

chronology part 3
Metal ftw! \m/

Time are a huge part of Chronology. Because you wouldn't be able to advance in the game. If you couldn't manipulate time to your advantage. But besides that.

The nr 1 most important thing is your ability to solve puzzles. Yes, problem solving skills are the key to success in Chronology. 
But at least i´m not alone in Chronology anymore.

Because i´ve got a new problem solving friend. Say hello to the heavy metal snail! It´s a her btw ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The Last Tinker - City of Colors - Part 5 - The end of the world!

Things went from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.

There´s always two sides of each coin. And everything is not what it seems. That pretty much summarizes The Last Tinker pretty well. And if you watched part 4 of my The Last Tinker series.

Then you would understand what i meant by that. But for the rest of you. Let´s just say that i opened up the pandora's box. 
So yeah, the world are coming to an end. But no need to panic, because i got this one.

So just sit down and relax while i fix this ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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