The Lady - Full playthrough

100% pure madness!

I decided to take another swing at the 2D adventure/puzzle/horror game "The Lady". Because i don´t like to leave things undone. So instead of doing a lot of shorter videos, i made one long video of the whole thing.

Actually, i had to record the video two times though. Because The Lady crashed when i met the flying head for the second time. Oh well, shit happens i guess. Anyhow, please enjoy the video =)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Aliens Infestation - Part 4 - Cannon Fodder all the way

If you don´t know who the guy (character) to the left is. Then you have missed out on some really great games.

The Alien queen may be dead (or is she?). But my nightmares in Aliens Infestation will continue. Because now i´m sent out on a "search and destroy" mission (pretty much). It was said to be a "hit and run" kind of mission (blow shit up and leave the site fast as hell).

But we all know how those kind of missions ends. 
This time i´m facing both aliens, UPP soldiers and killer robots in large groups. But hey, i´m all about rip and tear shit up ;) Cannon Fodder all the way baby!

Anyhow, please enjoy part 4 of my adventures in Aliens Infestation =) 

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Nekro - Outcast part 4 - Totalbiscuit meets his maker

Will Totalbiscuit stand a chance against the Outcast? 

Ah, so we meet again mr Totalbiscuit. But this time your up against the Outcast. Which would be the ultimate bar brawler on speed and steroids. 
In short, he's one bad ass son of a bit**.

So, are you ready to meet your maker Totalbiscuit? Or, should i say ex mayor? ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Aliens Infestation - Part 3 - Me VS the Alien queen

aliens infestation part 3
Say hello to the biggest bit** of them all. The Alien queen!

I still remember the first time i saw the Alien queen in Aliens 2. I was about 11 years old, and scared to death. So when i finally got the chance to fight her in a video game (Alien Vs Predator for Atari Jaguar).

I wanted revenge for all those sleepless nights, and all the nightmares i had as a kid. I have faced her many times since then (AVP 1 and 2). But still, i both fear, respect and hate her.

So when i stod there face to face with the Alien queen in Aliens Infestation.I knew that hell would break loose. But i´m not going to spoil it for you guys.

So, please enjoy the video ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Nekro - Outcast part 3 - It´s hammer time!

nekro part 3
Stop It´s hammer time!

It´s been quite a while since i played Nekro. But i really feelt like i wanted to play some Nekro today. Because i heard that DarkForge games had updated Nekro (again). 
And the latest version of Nekro sure offers quite a lot of new things.

Like the fact that a lot of the enemies have become both smarter and deadlier. 
Just take the big hammer dudes for example. Before the new update, you can take care of them rather easy. But now, they can toss their hammer in your face.

They can also stun you (if you get to near). I also noticed that DarkForge has added a really cool partyzone on stage III (you will understand what i mean when you watch our video).

Anyhow, please enjoy the video folks =) 

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Aliens Infestation - Part 2 - Save the space marine babes!

aliens infestation part2
It´s your job to keep the marines alive!

The more i play Aliens Infestation. The more i like it. And it´s actually quite creepy as well (i play it in a very dark room). But that´s exactly how a Aliens game should be.And the music are really scary as well.

So i have to say that Wayforward really nailed the Aliens feeling in Infestation.
I just wish that i had picked up this game way back in 2011. But for some odd reason.

There was no commercial ads or such for the game in Sweden (at least i have no memory of it). 
Anyhow, in part II i finally face the Xenomorphs (aliens).

And, well. Let´s just say that things went from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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