Aliens Infestation - Part 1 - The evil space robotscomment_here

aliens infestation part 1
In space no one can hear you scream. You don´t say bro?

It´s been years since i played a good game that´s been based on the Aliens licens. I mean, the latest edition of AVP was, ehrm. Not even close to AVP1 or AVP2 (both games are great!).

And Aliens Colonial Marines...No comment, you know the deal with that one. But don´t worry my dear Gamer friends. Because Wayforward (the makers of Mighty Switch Force!, Shantae, DuckTales Remastered) made a really great Aliens game for Nintendo DS.

And it´s called "Aliens: Infestation". I picked up that one just the other day, and i´m having a blast. the game feels like a combo of Metal Slug, Super Metroid and Aliens imo. It´s a rather short game though (Sadly enough).

It lasts for like 2-5 hours (depending on how skilled you are).
Anyhow, please enjoy part 1 of my Aliens Infestation series!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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