Rail Nation - A really good browser game about trains

Trains O´ plenty.

Some people may think that trains are extremely boring. No matter if it´s the real thing, model trains or video games. But the fact is this, trains are rather fascinating creations. And when i was a kid, i used to play Train Tycoon quite a lot.

But i guess i never quite stopped to like trains. And if you feel the same way as i do about trains. Then you should check out Travian Games F2P browser game "Rail Nation". Because it´s pretty darn good =)

/Robin E
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Counter-Strike Nexon - Out now on Steam!

counter strike nexon zombies
Counter-Strike Nexon are a F2P FPS title by Nexon.

Yesterday Nexon released their F2P game "Counter-Strike Nexon" on Steam. And, well. Let´s just say that the players (and CS fans) ain´t that happy about it. For starter, CS Nexon uses 16 years old graphics, and the CS 1.6 zombie mod server pretty much offer the same thing.

So why should you even bother with CS Nexon? That´s a really good question. And honestly, i have no good answer to that one. But here´s some comments from the players and fans themselves:

"Most stupid shit ever... Counterstrike series already have there own zombies mod server and are 100 times way better than this.."

"I just keep playing the 1.6 zombie mod server. :>"

"this is a disgrace to counter strike"

"Pay-To-Win game with Goldsrc Engine in 2014? Are you kidding me? It's really bad that Nexon put CSO on steam instead of CSO2. I would rather playing CS: Source or CS: Global Offensive from Valve than playing this s*** from Nexon!"

About Counter-Strike Nexon:
Introduction to Counter-Strike Of the most influential FPS franchises, Counter-Strike is one of the most popular online games to date. Pitting Terrorists VS Counter-Terrorists, players face off to complete their objective in round-based combat.

Fast paced action blends with precise, tactical strategy to make for a warzone that anyone can pick up and lets the pros rise to the top. Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies For the first time on Steam, Nexon is making a slice of Counter-Strike history available to everyone! Classic Counter-Strike action, new modes, new guns, new characters, Free to Play—what else are we missing? That’s right, ZOMBIES! We welcome you to do your part in cutting down the undead masses. You’ll find plenty of Zombies there in both PvP and PvE flavors.

/Robin E
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Bleach Online - A free-to-play RPG browser game

Bleach Online are all free-to-play (directly via your browser).
Even though i really like anime. I have never actually toke my time to watch (or follow) the Bleach series. Why? Honestly, i don´t know. I guess i just never toke my time to watch it. Then again, other animes have stolen my time throughout the years (Gintama, Eyeshield 21, Ninja Scroll).

But i have however tried Bleach Online (by GoGames). And even though it´s a F2P RPG game, it´s a rather good one. Sure,it may not be everybody's cup of tea. But hey, Bleach Online are all free-to-play. So you got nothing to lose really (besides your time).

Or you could just watch the video down below. And then decide if Bleach Online are worthy of your time or not.

About Bleach Online:
You were rescued by the Captain Commander Yamamoto yet because you were seriously wounded, you slept for 1000 years. When you finally woke up you forgot all your memories; to search for your forgotten memories, Yamamoto send you to the Human World. At the Human World, you made friends with Ichigo and his friends, but because of Aizen’s plot, you guys were judged as rebels. How will you rescue your friends? Everything starts now!

/Robin E
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Rift - The Nightmare Tide open beta livestream

Rift are probably one of the very best F2P Mmorpg titles on the market right now.

I may not be a big Mmorpg player. But i still know the difference between a good Mmorpg, and a bad one. And Trion Worlds "Rift" just happens to be a really good F2P Mmorpg game. Speaking of which, there´s a lot of cool stuff going down with Rift at the moment.

Like the new expansion "Nightmare Tide" for example. And if i´m not wrong now,Trion Worlds will also live stream the open Beta via Twitch TV today (1:30 PM PD). Because i just checked the Rift Twitch page, and i couldn't find it there.

One thing seems to be for sure though. Nightmare Tide are not very likely to be released next week (8th of October). But it will be a very pleasant surprise if it does get released (against all odds). Time will tell i guess. 

Nightmare Tide are hopefully worth the wait though.
About Rift - The Nightmare Tide 
The currents of fate hasten through Telara, sweeping you toward the Infinity Gate – and the abyssal realm that waits beyond. From colossal glaciers to cities that curl under ceiling-seas, the Plane of Water is home to the living dreams of sleeping beings. For ages, its creatures, phantoms, and nightmares have been held in balance by a cosmic watcher. But now his slumber, his realm, and the planes beyond are under siege by forces only you have the power to stop.

/Robin E
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Panda Pounce - A F2P multiplayer party platformer

A hungry panda, is a sad panda.

I just found out that Speelbaars (the makers of the awesome adventure game "Lumini") has released a F2P multiplayer party platformer. And it´s called "Panda Pounce". Which you can play directly via your browser. Or you could just download the game and play it.

So if you feel like feeding some pandas (and having fun with your friends/enemies) at the same time. Then you should give Panda Pounce a try!

About Panda Pounce:
What´s Panda Pounce'? It's a local multiplayer party platformer in which you and your friends control fat, bouncing panda's trying to get the most bamboo, in order to win. Easy enough you'd say, but try to keep control of a panda that can only roll and jump and relies on gravity and physics to do the rest. The game is a fast-paced and chaotic party game for 2 to 4 players with full controller support.

/Robin E
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Wheeljack and Knock Out joins Transformers Universe

I wonder which Transformers Jagex will add next?

8 weeks ago Jagex Games started the open beta for Transformers Universe (a 3rd person multiplayer online battle arena game). And today Jagex announced that Wheeljack and Knock Out will join the Transformers Universe crew.

So i bet that a lot of the Transformers fans are really happy to hear this. And you can read more about Jagex announcement via the Transformers Universe blog.

Press release:
9th September 2014: Jagex has confirmed today that both Wheeljack and Knock Out, known to fans worldwide as characters from the Transformers TV series, will appear as playable warriors within TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE.

Premature news of their inclusion reached media overnight. While Jagex is willing to confirm their plans to include these, and many other, signature bots, further details of their weapons, equipment, and special attacks will not be forthcoming at this time.

Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO, said of the unscheduled reveal,
“It’s regrettable that such recognisable faces from Transformers lore should prematurely appear in the public domain without the rightful fanfare they deserve. On a positive note we’re delighted that they’re already resonating strongly with both our existing players and the wider Transformers fan-base. It’s immensely encouraging to see this level of interest, especially as we look at our existing road map and the plans we have for the inclusion of many other signature favourites within the game later this year.”

Further details about both Wheeljack and Knock Out will be scheduled for release soon, as will additional information about Chromia and Flamewar – other lore-based warriors who were mentioned in the latest community update of 5th September: https://www.transformersuniverse.com/en/news/2014/9/evolution-transformers-universe-050914

Anyone brave enough to experience killer team combat in TRANFORMERS UNIVERSE can play now by downloading the Windows or Mac thin client at www.transformersuniverse.com.

TRANSFORMERS and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. ©2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

/Robin E
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