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Counter-Strike Nexon are a F2P FPS title by Nexon.

Yesterday Nexon released their F2P game "Counter-Strike Nexon" on Steam. And, well. Let´s just say that the players (and CS fans) ain´t that happy about it. For starter, CS Nexon uses 16 years old graphics, and the CS 1.6 zombie mod server pretty much offer the same thing.

So why should you even bother with CS Nexon? That´s a really good question. And honestly, i have no good answer to that one. But here´s some comments from the players and fans themselves:

"Most stupid shit ever... Counterstrike series already have there own zombies mod server and are 100 times way better than this.."

"I just keep playing the 1.6 zombie mod server. :>"

"this is a disgrace to counter strike"

"Pay-To-Win game with Goldsrc Engine in 2014? Are you kidding me? It's really bad that Nexon put CSO on steam instead of CSO2. I would rather playing CS: Source or CS: Global Offensive from Valve than playing this s*** from Nexon!"

About Counter-Strike Nexon:
Introduction to Counter-Strike Of the most influential FPS franchises, Counter-Strike is one of the most popular online games to date. Pitting Terrorists VS Counter-Terrorists, players face off to complete their objective in round-based combat.

Fast paced action blends with precise, tactical strategy to make for a warzone that anyone can pick up and lets the pros rise to the top. Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies For the first time on Steam, Nexon is making a slice of Counter-Strike history available to everyone! Classic Counter-Strike action, new modes, new guns, new characters, Free to Play—what else are we missing? That’s right, ZOMBIES! We welcome you to do your part in cutting down the undead masses. You’ll find plenty of Zombies there in both PvP and PvE flavors.

/Robin E
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