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Graal Seeker needs another 8,400 Euro to become a reality.

If you thought that it would be any easier getting projects founded at Indiegogo. Then you better think again. Because once again it´s proven that it´s simply not enough to "just" have a great game in the making. There´s also other factors (luck, PR, timing) that effects the ability to get a successful indiegogo (or Kickstarter) project.  

Just take Lugludum´s Strategy/RPG/roguelike game "Graal Seeker" (for PC and MAC) for example. Even though Graal Seeker looks pretty darn awesome. It´s far from reaching the 10,000 Euro (Graal Seeker is about 16% funded at this time) goal on Indiegogo.

However, due the fact that there´s still 12 days left on the Indiegogo campaign for Graal Seeker. All hope ain´t gone, at least not yet. And then you have the Steam Greenlight page for Graal Seeker as well. So please allow me to summarize the current situation for Graal Seeker.

It ain´t game over, before the game is over. So if you believe in Graal Seeker. Then you better hurry up and show the game some love and support on Indiegogo. Or else it´s game over for sure!

About Graal Seeker:
Graal Seeker is a 2D game that blends RPG with roguelike mechanics and real-time tactical battles. It recreates the initiatory journey of a knight seeking the Holy Grail in fifth century Britain.

- Unique stories inspired by the Matter of Britain.
- Find your Graal based on the choices you make.
- Narrative game inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure book.
- Fast tactical battles. Prove your combat skills in real time.
- Procedurally generated events and maps. You always will have different opportunities to prove your courage.
- Permadeath and persistent world.
- Moddability. Create and share your own Graal stories.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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