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Fortresscraft are now more creative than ever before!

Way back in March this year. I wrote about ProjectorGames sandbox game "Fortresscraft: Evolved". Well, a lot has happened since then. Like the fact that there´s now a free DLC ("Creative Multiplayer") which you can download and enjoy.

And there´s also a 50% price-cut on Fortresscraft via Steam at the moment. (the game is yours for 4,49 Euro). You better hurry up though, because the offer ends on the 6th of October!

Press release:
STAMFORD, CT. SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 - What is greater than the power of one’s imagination? Combining it with others to create things you wouldn’t ever think of on your own. The launch of FortressCraft Evolved’s Creative Mode Multiplayer DLC puts the most robust toolset available in the hands of creative types everywhere allowing them to create, to build, and to share. The toolset lets creators build crazy, big things in little time and provides the most space to do it in too!

To celebrate the release of the free Creative Multiplayer DLC, FortressCraft Evolved is on sale for 50% off of its current SRP of $8.99 on Steam. Offer ends October 6.

Adam Sawkins shares his vision and excitement for the Creative Mode in FortressCraft Evolved saying “Almost every game released these days is focused on destruction. I want to provide players with the best tools I can to create and share anything their imagination can muster!”

About getting your friends and family involved, Adam goes on to say “The only limit to the number of players is the power of the machine hosting it. There are no limits on the number of players, so probably a few thousand on a supercomputer, and a hundred on a kick-ass gaming rig.”

Now FortressCraft Evolved unleashes the power to create with your friends unlike ever before in the Creative Mode Multiplayer DLC – available for FREE for those who own the game. If you already own the game you can download the Creative Mode Multiplayer HERE: http://store.steampowered.com/app/319580/

Creative Mode Multiplayer Features
- The full raft of FortressCraft's world-class tools are available for multiplayer, including copy/paste, superbuild and schematics!
- Host your own servers (dedicated servers have yet to be implemented)
- Select from a variety of premade avatars or create/customize your own
- Creative mode now has multiple Biomes, giving much more variety to the lands you can build in

In addition to the new Creative Mode Multiplayer there are improved Survival weather effects -- including depth cuing, distancing, fog, mist and blur as well as many other bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Performance increases have also been made aimed at getting the framerate high enough for Oculus DK2, so VR fans should be putting FortressCraft Evolved on their radar now!

Go grab your friends online and let the creativity begin!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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