Formula Wincars - Javi Diez from Mägo de Oz joins in!comment_here

Mr Javi Diez from Mägo de Oz .

Who would have thought that a Metal rocker would make music for DragonJam Studios upcoming F2P online racing game "Formula Wincars"? But yes, it´s true.

Javi Diez from Mägo de Oz (a Spanish Metal band) will make music for Formula Wincars. Personally, i´m all for that. But then again, i have been a fan of Metal since the late 80s.

Anyhow, Formula Wincars is set for a release by the end of this year to PC, MAC and Linux. So keep your eyes open for it! 

Press release:
DragonJam Studios confirms that the upcoming release of its multiplayer racing title will feature original music by rocker Javi Diez from famous rock act Mägo de Oz.Javi Diez combines his career as a professional and successful musician with his other passion, video games. He’s been playing every single game he’s been able to get his hands into since he was a child.

Some of his favorite titles are The Secret of Monkey Island, American McGee’s Alive or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.“I always wanted to write music for video games, but it wasn’t until a year ago that I decided to go for it”, says spanish folk-metal musician, who mentions among his influences Adam Skorupa from The Witcher saga, 80’s video game classic soundtracks, and above them all Shadow of the Colossus’ soundtrack “utter madness from the beginning to the end”

Special Guest appearances

Javi Diez won’t be on his own as he will be supported by some of his bandmates from Mägo de Oz when time comes to record the music composed for Formula Wincars.

Thus, the game faces its final development stage announcing its Closed-Beta launch in December calling players to be active participants by registering on their site.

Spanish videogame Formula Wincars has been under development from more than a year and during that time it’s been able to get attention from the press and players alike thru its fresh take on the racing game genre, introducing lots of innovative features based on online multiplayer gaming, where not only driving skills will be important, but also strategy and tactics will be critical.

They were first acknowledged by the media when they launched their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and the title will very likely be one this year’s pleasant surprises.

Massive up to 4000 players Tournaments. Players will compete simultaneously to reach the final where the winner will get a physical prize. These tournaments will be integrated into the game, and there will also be a Tournament generator, allowing players to hold their own competitions.

Co-op Teams Mode: 4 vs 4 races where sharing special skills, upgrading them and building a common strategy will take you to the finish line safe and sound. This game mode will implement some MOBA games mechanics into the racing genre.

Besides, this indie title counts with colorful HD graphics, a host of wild circuits full of secrets and shortcuts, great importance of tactics and a wide range of customizable cars and drivers, each of them containing its own mysterious past story to be discovered.

One last surprise, Formula Wincars is intended to be an ever-expanding game, continuously providing new challenges to its community.

DragonJam Studios has listened to all those players demanding a game like this, receiving enthusiastic feedback and international support from the very beginning to this day. Easy to start, hard to master!

Beginners will feel comfortable from the very first play, and more expert players will also find the fast response speed and accuracy required for high-level competition. All circuits will be full of secrets and elements to charge and level up your driver special skills during the race. The studio has full confidence.

in its project, in which they have been working for one year up to now, and is able to back it up with all its strength and enthusiasm. Regarding the development process, the studio combines experienced professionals (please note Developer tab) with promising young talents, including some awarded by top companies like Nintendo.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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