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komplett test your addiction
For the record. I´m 48% addicted according to the test result.

I know that one shouldn't joke about addiction. Because it´s a serious matter (no matter the nature of the addiction in question). But in this case, i´am prepared to make an exception.

And why is that? You might ask yourself. Because i think it´s alright to joke about Komplett´s (a big Nordic retail company) new internet commercial (might get aired on TV as well) "Test your addiction".

Which basically makes fun of people's addiction with smartphones (just search for #testyouraddiction on Twitter for live examples). And just for the fun of it, you can actually test your own smartphone addiction via Komplett´s addiction test page.

Me, i've got a 48% score. So that means that i´m "somewhat" addicted to smartphones and social media. So, what´s your score? ;)


/Robin E
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Postat av: Anonym

Hej Hvad hedder musikken og komponisten i bruger i reklamen TESTYOUR ADDICTION?

Svar: Ehrm, Darude "Sandstorm"? ;) Seriöst talat dock, jag har faktiskt inte den blekaste. För det står inte äns med i Kompletts utskick. Men du kan ju alltid maila Komplett och fråga =)
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