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the weavers
The Weavers seems to be a really dark adventure game. In other words, it´s my kind of game.

Earlier today we got contacted by the people from Guru Meditation Project. Because they are working on a 2d point and click adventure game called "The Weavers". And i just watched the very first trailer for The Weavers. And even though it´s footage from the pre-alpha version.

The Weavers looks pretty darn cool imo. So, check it out people =)

Press release: 
"The Weavers is a 2d point and click adventure inspired by great games of the past yet searching for a more modern game play. We want the player to solve puzzles according their own gaming style, to customize the main character through a talent tree system and to make him feel a bit of thrill thanks to action scenes and quick time events.

The Weavers tells the tale of Albrecht, ayoung thief with dusky past who'll find himself involved on a unpredictable series ofevents due to a risky bet.In the game we'll experience the story of a man who unwittingly finds himself beyond theveil of normality encroaching into new planesof existence and completely disrupting hisperspective on reality.

The Weavers doesn't have a release date so far, but we will deploy it for Windows, Mac and Linux. Currently we schedule to start a Kickstarter campaign on September 2014 to raise the necessary funds for reaching the detail level we want to achieve forthis product. On our site you'll find regular updates on the game's progress, artworks andlore materials thanks to articles and interactive contents."

/Robin E
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