Last Life - A neo-noir cyberpunk adventure gamecomment_here

Last life  are like a mix of Blade Runner, Kentucky Route Zero and Beneath a Steel Sky

Funny enough. Just the other day i talked about that games such as "Grim Fandango" don´t get made anymore. And just now i heard about Sam Farmer´s sci-fi/cyberpunk/neo noir game "Last Life" (for PC, MAC and Linux). A game which reached huge success on Kickstarter ($103,000 collected!).

But that´s just the half of it. Because mr Tim Schafer showed his support to Last Life as well. And now that Last Life are fully funded via Kickstarter. Sam Farmer can focus 100% on making Last Life to a really uber epic game experience.

So if you´re into adventure games. Then you should keep an eye on the Last Life!

About Last life:
"LAST LIFE is an epic story told in three engrossing episodes. Our first funding goal will enable us to deliver Episode One.

Gameplay is inspired by modern point and click adventure games like Kentucky Route Zero and Telltale's Walking Dead series. Like them, LAST LIFE focuses on atmosphere and storytelling, while also challenging the player's detective skills of interrogation and deduction."

- You are Jack Parker, recently slain P.I.; Earth was destroyed 11 years ago; and no one is having a particularly good day on Mars. Yet, here you are: back for 4 hours.
- Race your way through the glittery mean streets of MarsTopia as Jack Parker hunts down his own killer.
- Wrangle deadly secrets out of an enormous cast of bizarre characters using whatever works: charm, bribes, or something less pleasant.
- Uncover the inner workings of the squeaky-clean United Corps, which run the planet like clockwork.
- Drink DNA-enhanced brewskis
- Break robots.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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