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A must play for the Halo fans?

I can´t say that i´m a big halo fan. I did however enjoy Halo 3 and 4. And speaking of Halo. Last night i found out about a fan made browser game called "UNSC Warfare". So if you are a fan of Halo. Then it might just be worth your time checking UNSC Warfare out!

About UNSC Warfare: 
"UNSC Warfare is an Online Free Browser Based game set in the Halo Universe after the Spartan Ops phase of HALO 4. It combines elements of Strategy, RPG and a 3D RTS Game Component! It puts players into the seat of a UNSC Ship and gives them the opportunity to lead their UNSC Forces to victory!

It has an abundance of features in development, including : PvP, Missions, and Lore based Content straight from the community! The game features a browser based interface for the buying and management of units and a 3D Game counterpart for missions where players take command of units and complete various objectives! Support us, Register today and start playing UNSC Warfare for free!!"

/Robin E
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