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Arcade racing you say?

There sure are something really special about arcade racing games. Because i still love to play them every now and then. Sadly enough though, the full size arcade games are some what a rare find now days (SEGA Rally ftw!).

But at least there still exists digital arcade games. Speaking of which, i just heard about the game "Formula Wincars". And i think the game got some potential. So i will keep an close eye on Formula Wincars. Cuz the game might just turn out to be the next big thing in the arcade racing genre.

Formula Wincars:
"Hi there! And welcome to Formula Wincars... What you say!? You mean you don't know anything about Formula Wincars yet? Well, never mind. I think I'll be able to mend that. At least I'll do my best.

Formula Wincars is an arcade racing game. I guess you had already figured that out by yourself. We want to grant players an accurate control for their cars, providing a highly intuitive handling. Formula Wincars will hold an exciting challenge for those who love cars and speed.

Once you start your engine for the first time, you will find it is easy to start driving, feeling you actually control your car. Only after a few races you will realize if you want to succeed as a Formula Wincars racer you will need to push your driving skills further in order to end up in the first place. So... is it all about driving? Er... no. It's not only about driving. There's also some strategy in the pot. Strategy?

Yes, we hope so. All the pilots share two special skills: Turbo and Stomp. And it will be important to use them at a proper time to succeed against other players. But that's not everything. Every pilot will own a very special unique skill. This skill will be different for each pilot, and some of them will be more suitable than others depending on the circuit. We will keep those special skills as a secret for now (evil laugh XDD)"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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