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10 years after
It´s time to feed the zombie the axe.

What would you get if you mixed Dead Island, Rust, Day-Z with Skyrim? Well, "10 Years After" of course! 10 Years After are a really ambitus indie project. I actually heard about the game today. So it´s going to be really interesting to see how the 10 Years After project will turn out.

If you would like to know more about 10 Years After. Then just visit the homepage for more information and details. 

About 10 Years After:
"10 Years After is currently in very early testing and development phase its is set 10 years after a vaccination was give to the population by the goverment to help fight against a new virus strain ...unfortunatly the vaccine mutated over time killing and then bringing back the dead bringing down the world as we know it....

only yourself and a few others who did not get the vaccine strive to survive in this new world ....crafting and hunting for food and water in the daylight then heading back to your camp to see out the night ....just make sure your not followed or making to much noise as you bunker down as they will hear you and they will find you..........the infected are your main threat and other players will be your allies as you can not survive alone without help ............

Get a posse together and plan a raid on one of the deserted towns for guns ammo and anything else but be careful as the infected are in large numbers near towns so great is the danger that if you try to enter on your own you will not survive"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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