We celebrate 10,000 posts! - 2009-2014comment_here

We have never won a award though (neither have we ever been nominated)...

I just noticed that we have posted over 10,000 posts on our blog since we started writing back in 2009. But as they say, time just flys by. I mean, 2009 was (are) 4 years ago. And a lot of things happened since then. So i thought that i could lineup some of the changes that has taken place since 2009.

- We got almost 30,000 followers on Twitter
- Our Youtube channel has over 500,000 views
- We have posted over 10,000 articles on our site between 2009 and 2014
- We upload 1-2 videos per day (24/7) on our Youtube channel
- Our G+ page has +1.6K likes
- We have done quite a few interviews with game developers all over the world
- We have reviewed over 130 games since 2009
- We got +1.2K subscribers on Youtube

I could probably add stuff to this list all day long. But you get the point. So thank you so much for all your love and support people =) We love you all! And oh, we will start to do some giveaways to celebrate 10K posts ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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Postat av: Simon D

Well done friends!

Svar: Tack så mycket Mr Simon ;)
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