Medieval Story - A mix of Dink Smallwood and Ultima Pagancomment_here

Yep, Medieval Story are a Umeå (Sweden) made production.

It´s very easy to get overlooked at either indiegogo or Kickstarter. Because there´s so many projects that struggles to get your (and my) attention. A perfect example of that would be OddGames "Medieval Story". Which would be a isometric third-person action/adventure game.

At first sight. Medieval Story looks like a mix of Dink Smallwood and Ultima Pagan. But with way better graphics of course. That sounds really neat right? Well, sadly enough things haven't worked out that wellfor Medieval Story on Indiegogo.

Because out of $10,000. Medieval Story have only collected 235 bucks. And there´s just 6 days left on the Indiegogo watch. So it will take one hell of a miracle to fund Medieval Story. We wish OddGames the best of luck though.

About Medieval Story and OddGames: 
"An action adventure game developed in northern Sweden. Venture down dark forests paths and damp caves. Use your wits or fight your way to fame and fortune. OddGames is a one man game studio currently developing a PC game called Medieval Story. I live in Umeå, a town in northern Sweden. There is a Medieval Story working alpha demo which you can try for free. However, to get the project finished I need your support. This will allow me to pay for studio rent, additional development programs and equipment." 

/Robin E
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