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Northward made me think about a really old game called "Beasts and Bumpkins!".

Sometime ago i wrote about Nemoria Entertainment´s "Oknytt". Well, guess what? Last night one of the guys from Nemoria contacted us. Because apparently they are working on a new game called "Northward". Which would be a action/adventure/co-op game that´s set in a Nordic landscape.

Sounds pretty cool huh? Well, you can actually download and try the pre-alpha demo (PC, MAC and Linux) as of today. And IF you like the Northward demo. Then you might wanna show the game some support on indiegogo and Steam Greenlight =)

About Northward:
"Northward is a co-operative management game set in an atmospheric Nordic landscape. With influences from games such as The Settlers, Transport Tycoon and Banished, you manage and expand your settlement together with a friend as you gather resources and build defenses while steadily making your way towards the mountains in the north.

With Northward we want to create a co-op experience that we feel is missing on the market. Management games are often a very solitary experience and we want to change that! Planning your next move, optimizing your shared resources and having to handle catastrophic events is something we believe is a lot more fun when shared with a friend."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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