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Staying alive at the Western Front was easier said then done during WW1.

There has been tons and tons of World War 2 games throughout the years. But there has been very few games that´s been based on WW1 (Ubisoft did a great job with "Valiant Hearts" though). But that´s all about to change. 

At least if Truceful Entertainment get´s their will through. Because they just happen to be developing a WW1 RPG/RTS game called "Fritz". And you get the great pleasure to play as a German soldier on the Western Front anno 1916

So what do you do in Fritz then? Well, anything from guard duty, getting food, talking to your men to wasting allied soldiers. Sounds great right? Well, Fritz needs to collect $15,000 on Kickstarter (or else there will be no game).

So if you want the game to happen, then show Fritz some love on Kickstarter!

About Fritz:
"Fritz is a narrative RPG with brutal real-time combat about life in the trenches of the First World War. You play as Fritz, a German soldier on the Western Front. Most of the gameplay is comprised of everyday activities like guard duty, getting food, and talking to your fellow soldiers.

Attacks are sparse, but deadly and challenging. The main aspect of the game is character development, both of Fritz and of his comrades. Each of them is shaped by interaction with others and the things they're going through. Your comrades can die practically randomly during attacks, but the longer they survive, and they closer they get to Fritz, the better their chances of survival as everyone helps each other."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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