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Could Long night be the next big survival horror game? 

I have been waitning a very long time for the survival horror genre to rise up from the grave. Cuz let´s face it. Most so called "horror games" of today, are just plain action games (with a handfull of horror scenes in them). But things could be about to change for the better.

At least if Trickster Face horror game "Long night" (PC, MAC, Linux, PSN and XBL) becomes a huge success on Kickstarter. Well, things have started off rather well for  Long night. Because the game have already reached it´s goal of 10,000 dollars, and there´s still 64 hours left on the Kickstarter clock.

But, the question is this. Can Long night really live up to all the hypé? (promises). I sure hope so! Cuz i really want to play a good (real) survival horror game again. That´s also why im going to download the v1.2 demo of Long night, and see if the game are any good or not.

I also hope that Long night will be a good mix of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Haunting Ground and Obscure. Cuz that would be a really nice mix indeed!

About Long night:
"Long Night is a new third person survival horror game for the PC, Linux and Mac, and later PSN and XBL. It will be released in English and French on May 2014. Long Night WANTS YOU to reconnect with the atmosphere of classic Survival Horror like Resident Evil 1, Silent Hill 2, Haunting Ground and Obscure, in a new intrigating way!

To do so we re-develop the well known mechanisms we enjoyed in those games as Exploration of strange territories, puzzling Enigmas and Bosses to fight against.Then we add our ideas about the psychological roots of fear, our originality in story tellling, and our artistic touch, to make Long Night a unique gaming experience in the world of Survival Horror.

We are on our way to bring back psychological fear in your life, but we need your help to really make you shiver !"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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