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league of angels
Sex sells, right?

Im probably not the only person that has started to notice all these League of Angels ads that pop up all over the web right now. At first i thought that it was some kind of erotic Playboy fantasy game kind of thing. But no, it´s actually a RPG fantasy browser game.

I have nod idea (whatsoever) if League of Angels are any good though. I just find it kind of disturbing that the whole game seems to focus on half naked women (big boobs and plenty of booty). And when it comes to video games.

If a developer focus a lot on the eye candy department. That´s normally a warning sign. Cuz in 9/10 cases, if the game are really crappy. And the developers use a lot of half naked women to pitch their game to the masses.

Then the game are most likely to be pure utter shit. But hey, i could be wrong. Perhaps League of Angels are a GOTY title? Let´s find out shall we!

About League of Angels:
"Long ago, in the land of Etheria, there was a league. This was not a league of ordinary men, warriors, or craftsmen, but a league of angels! Each angel, reigning over a different part of human life, insured peace and prosperity across the land for thousands of years, in return for humanity’s devotion. Unfortunately, this arrangement was more fragile than people would think.

The forces of darkness, bent on enslaving humanity, and stripping Etheria its natural resources, had risen again. Normally, the angels would rise up, send them back to the shadows, and the people of Etheria would go on, living happy, carefree lives. This time, however, things were different.

The forces of darkness knew something the humans did not, that the angels derived there powers from the Seal of Life, and without this seal, they would be severely weakened. So, this time, they stole the steal, before hatching their plans of death and destruction. Things got so bad; the forces of darkness began hunting the angels, killing them, one by one. Now the angels have turned to the men, they once swore to protect, for help. These heroes of humanity are known simply as “The Brave”, and they have sworn to repay the angels for their years of protection, by leading them into battle, and taking back the Seal of Life."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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