Age of wonders 3 - Will It become a epic comeback?comment_here

age of wonders 3 
Notch invested his money in AOW3.

Triumph Studios are really hard at work with their strategy/RPG game Age of wonders 3. Cuz as some of you may know. The plan Is to release AOW3 some time this year (Q1 2014). But Im not that worry really, because I have seen a lot of gameplay videos for AOW3.

And AOW3 looks really, really great imo. And If you didn´t know It by now. Mr Notch supports AOW3 financially. That means that Triumph Studios can focus 100% on AOW3. So hopefully, that will make the game THE best Age of Wonders game to date.

Time will tell!
About Age of wonders 3:
"In Age of Wonders 3 we introduce unique RPG-inspired classes and specialisations to the strategy genre. Classes like the Warlord, Theocrat, Rogue and Sorcerer allow players to craft empires of their own design. As a Warlord you create Spartan civilisations as a Goblin Theocrat you can build your own holy empire, recruit little goblin crusaders or cute winged goblin angels equipped with flaming weapons, and wage war on your heathen enemies. We want players to develop unique strategies and play styles."

/Robin E
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