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Some people claim that Starbound are just a Terria in space. But that´s far from the truth.

I bet that a lot of people are thinking "But..this game looks just like Terraria" at this very moment. And yes, there might be "some" similaritys appearance wise (i can admit that much). But, that´s pretty much all there is to it. Because Starbound (made by Chucklefish studios) sure are something "else".

I mean, if you watch any of the Starbound videos. Then you will soon realize that you can´t compair Starbound and Terraria. Simply because they are two completely different games. First of all, Starbound are a sandbox game.

And if you really have to put Starbound next to Terria. Then it won't take long before you come to the conclusion that Starbound are a completely different animal. Anyhow, over 170,000 people have pre-orderd Starbound to date (it will be released to PC, Linux and MAC).

And something tells me that more and more people will pre-order the game (it costs 15 dollars). Cuz there´s a lot of Gamers out there that wants to get their hands on the Starbound beta.

So, will you pre-order Starbound? 

"Starbound is a brand new game undergoing active development by Chucklefish, an indie game company made up of a lovely group of dudes and dudettes. If you like what you see, please feel free to leave a comment or tell your friends.  We hope this blog can be an insight into the trials and tribulations of the development process, the people behind the game, and what we hope to achieve.

Starbound begins with you fleeing your homeworld in a space shuttle, just as it’s destroyed by an unknown enemy. With nothing to guide it, the escape pod shoots into space without direction, becoming hopelessly lost in a sea of stars. As luck would have it, the space shuttle touches down on a habitable planet and an adventure begins that will take you hurtling across the universe. Starbound contains both quests and story driven missions, buried inside its vast sandbox universe."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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