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double dragon neon
Double Dragon Neon has 70% average score on gamerankings.com

Sometimes you just can´t trust the big Gaming review sites. And let´s face it.Everyone's taste are different, and not everyone thinks the same. That´s also why i always give every game a chance before i push it aside (if it´s a bad game that is). 

That´s also why im going to give WayForward´s Double Dragon Neon a try (Abstraction Games made the PC version). Cuz i'm wondering if IGN´s review of the game are correct or not. Well, i guess that i just have to find that out for myself.

The soundtrack are really nice though. But what do you guys think? Does Double Dragon Neon suck or rock? 

About Double Dragon Neon:
"Twin brothers Billy and Jimmy have been kicking butt and taking names for 25 years. Join them in this bodacious re-imagining of the classic beat 'em up that started it all, Double Dragon Neon.

Battle through glass-jawed goons, deadly teleporting geishas, scientific abominations, and more as you hunt down the evil Skullmageddon and save the love of your life, Marion."

/Robin E
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Postat av: Terése

Tycker det verkar grymt (brings back memories :P)

Ha en bra helg! :)

Svar: Ja, det var då inte igår som jag spelade Double Dragon precis. Super Double Dragon (Snes) spelade jag senast på 90talet typ. Tack det samma du ;) Btw, är du bra på att rita?
Då kan du vinna den här!
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