Interloper are now live on Steam Greenlight!comment_here

Interloper keeps on getting more and more interesting.

It´s my greate pleasure to inform you guys that Monogon Games neat action/RTS game "Interloper" (for PC, MAC and Linux), have finally landed on Steam Greenlight! So if you like the gameplay video down below. Then show Interloper some love on Steam Greenlight =)

You can also sign up for the beta via Interlopers homepage.

Press release:
August 28, 2014 - Utrecht, the Netherlands - Last month saw the announcement of Interloper (https://vimeo.com/101303564) and 3 weeks ago we revealed Interloper’s gameplay (https://vimeo.com/103011979). Today we are proud to tell you that Interloper is on Steam Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=303527351

We plan to release Interloper on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam (all 3 at launch). In order to do so we will need votes on Greenlight. Closer than the release however, is the beta we have planned for this fall. If we succeed in getting greenlit before the end of fall, we want to host the beta on Steam.

This will greatly improve the online experience for players, especially for those who wish to challenge friends in a quick strategic match of Interloper. Using Steam connection features, the matchmaking will be streamlined according to the high standards we expect from multiplayer online games these days.

We believe we can change the playing field of the contemporary RTS and deliver an experience that is both highly tactical and respects your time as an individual. Matches of Interloper never take more than 5 minutes, but honing your skills can take you a lifetime.

- Short, intense matches lasting no longer than 5 minutes.
- Gameplay focused on spatial tactics.
- Competitive cross platform online multiplayer matches.
- Extensive single-player campaign.
- Unique visual style and dynamic soundtrack based on your tribe.
- Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
- Website: http://interlopergame.com/

About Monogon Games:
Monogon Games is a small independent studio based in the Utrecht, the Netherlands as part
of the Dutch Game Garden (known for housing Abbey Games, Ragesquid, Digital Dreams, etc).
As a company we don’t just strive to innovate, but also to provide quality in every aspect
of development.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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