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Will Heart Forth Alicia be able to collect $60,000 via Kickstarter?

This RPG is (Heart Forth Alicia) 7 years in the making, and is finally almost ready to be released. The games creator started working on the Platformer/RPG in 2007, and seems to be taking their time as if perfecting a recipe. The result is an graciously, beautiful game with a complex story, a very detailed world and what looks to be pretty engaging gameplay.

It reminds you of a earlier final fantasy, or Maple Story Branch- off. Sadly, it's still not done, but the wait is going to be well worth it, if you love RPG'S.

Backstory thus far:
Brenia is home to a small, tightly knit community of wizards who are the last surviving bloodline of a more prosperous time. Brenia was founded by the great wizards of the previous era, and it flourished for many centuries until the day when the power inside the mountain was unleashed by Elthëlian, the God-Spirit of the Light. 

The afternoon sky turned to a bright purple, and fire and brimstone rained from above. Although the destruction wasn’t great, it left behind something that all but ensured Brenia’s demise: the Curse.

Since that day, children became increasingly rare in Brenia, and with each generation, more and more women were unable to bear children. Alicia and Hostra are the only two wizards to be born in decades, and the only hope for Brenia’s dwindling future.

Inspired by the likes of Zelds, Xenogears, and Casltlevania Symphony of the night, Heat Forth Alicia tells the tale of a young wizard girl ( yes you read that correctly ) trying to save the world from imminent destruction. A classic RPG setting as usual, but we should know by now playing RPG'S that there will be much more to this story when its conception is complete.

With a large, connected world, very steady character progression, looting, side-quests, item crafting, and such you know this game is ready for the big time. Why is it on kickstarter? Because all great things come from small beginnings.

Like the mighty Redwood, I feel that this game is already a sapling. And with it already having collected over $3,000 in just four hours, impressively enough it may see a growth spurt. Should the campaign succeed, Heart Forth Alicia is promised to arrive on PC in one year, in May 2015.

/Kenay Peterson
The Gaming Ground

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