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Pac-Man, är det du?

Jag började den här dagen på ett minst intressant sett. Jag spelade nämligen Sean Waltons spel "Waltonia". Ett spel som man lättast kan beskrivas som ett darwinistisk sandboxspel (Som är helt gratis). Ett väldigt intressant sådant ska nämnas, och man kan spela Waltonia direkt i webbläsaren också.

Så det här får ni INTE missa!

"Waltonia: A Darwin Sandbox is a game where you have control over an evolving world. You will design and create species to populate the world and see them interact and evolve. The rules which goven this world are relativly simple, but will result in some very complex and possibly unexpected behaviour. Your world is not isolated on it's own, as creatures migrate they may end up appearing in other players games. Will this result in some kind of meta evolution of creatures? or will a cold war errupt between players trying to engineer the best species? Click the play game button at the top of the page and use the help menus in the game to get started."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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