Roccat - Kone pure military Gaming mouse and mousepad

roccat the kone
Pretty cool huh?

If you are dead serious about Gaming (espacialy if you compete in the E-sport leagues). Then you know more than well that a good (bad) mouse can be the difference between winning and losing. So i´m very happy to inform you guys about Roccat´s Gaming mouse and mousepad "The Kone pure military Gaming".

Not only does the mouse and mousepad look great. They work really great as well. And you will find both prices and the press release below. So, game on people!

ROCCAT™ Kone Pure Military Edition – MSRP: 69,99 Euro

ROCCAT™ Sense Military Edition – MSRP: 19,99 Euro

Press release:
"Stockholm, 23 June 2014 – ROCCAT introduces the latest in our Kone series, the Kone Pure Military gaming mouse. The Kone Pure Military presents a series of themed visual styles for players to select, from Camo Charge and Naval Storm, to the Desert Strike variant, with all of the excellent features gamers would expect in a Kone mouse. It comes standard with our patented Easy-Shift[+] technology, highly customizable illumination via LED lights with brilliant 16.8 million discrete colors, in a sleek, compact package that’s smaller than the instant classic Kone XTD, but with all of the durability and ergonomic function you’d expect from a Kone.

Outside of the striking new visual flare, is the feature highlight of the Kone Pure Military; its 5000 dpi Pro-Optic (R4), one of the most high-powered optical sensor available. State-of-the-art, lag-free, ultra-precise, with an Adjustable Control Unit (ADCU) for manually configurable lift control, the Kone Pure Military lives up to its name, giving gamers military precision, ROCCAT quality, and the very best gaming experience.

Also new to the ROCCAT roster is the Sense Military Mousepad. Available in the same color schemes as the Kone Pure Military, the Sense Military is an excellent companion to any ROCCAT gaming mouse, with our non-slip backing, and more than enough room for even the most active mover and shaker with a mouse in hand, the ROCCAT Sense Military adds yet another option to an already stellar list of ROCCAT products.

René Korte, CEO and founder of ROCCAT says, “The positive feedback we received with the introduction of the Kone Pure Color edition in 2013 encouraged us to come up with a second limited version of the Kone Pure. Many popular games played with ROCCAT products have a military theme, and we thought it fitting that we extend this to the Kone Pure Military mouse and Sense Military mousepad. We believe these products are a perfect complement to your combat gaming experience.

Both the Kone Pure Military mouse and Sense Military gaming mousepad are available now.

ROCCAT™ Kone Pure Military Edition – MSRP: 69,99 Euro

ROCCAT™ Sense Military Edition – MSRP: 19,99 Euro"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Roccat introduces the "sova" - Game on in the living room!

Roccat are dead serious about Gaming and E-sport.

I´m going to admit it right away. I don´t spend that much time in my living room anymore. Mainly because i´m a PC Gamer, and i don´t watch that much TV either. But, i do play console games every now and then. And i might just spend more time in my living room thanks to Roccat´s "the sova".

Which basically turns your own livingroom into a entertainment center. You will get what i mean if you read the press release, and watch the Sova announcement video ;)

Press release:
"Stockholm, 10 June 2014 – ROCCAT once again forges a path into the future of game peripheral and accessory design and development. PC gamers have for too long been relegated to the desktop and laptop play experience, separated from a living room/entertainment center-centric option that keeps their dominant toolset at the forefront of play – the keyboard and mouse.

Hundreds of hours of conceptualization, design refinement and testing were logged in the creation of a solution that allows gamers to OWN THE COUCH without giving up their dominant instruments. ROCCAT introduces the Sova, the first fully realized, highly modular wireless keyboard and mousepad combo, designed with extreme durability, for extreme play, in the comfort of your living room.

ROCCAT founder and CEO René Korte’s vision was simple but revolutionary. “Streaming your PC games to a living room television has always meant sacrifice, particularly with wireless devices not manufactured for competitive players.

We wanted to create a new instrument, a wireless keyboard and mousepad combo free of heavy latency, made with premium materials with a level of durability players can feel, that allows for hours of interruption free gameplay from the comfort of the couch. With the ROCCAT Sova, we are confident we have struck this balance with amazing accuracy. We are very excited to give PC gamers an option to expand their play space, without giving up the tools they prefer.”

High modularization is also a key component in the design of the Sova. René had this to say about its customizable use. “PC gamers use an increasing number of peripherals to bolster their gaming experience, and give themselves an edge.

Skype, second-screen options, apps like ROCCAT’s Power-Grid; when we began conceptualizing the Sova, we knew it had to be more than a wireless keyboard and mousepad for your lap. It had to support smartphone use, the user’s favorite mouse, and more. The tech savvy can even create their own gadgets and peripherals with a 3D printer and integrate them using Sova’s modularity; it’s that flexible. The Sova also had to be adjustable, because we know one size does not fit all. The designers and engineers hit a homerun on all fronts.”

The Sova does indeed integrate smartphones, gaming accessories, and more, whilst retaining a strong battery life, allowing for hours of comfortable gameplay simultaneously. The sliding mousepad extends and retracts based on personal preference, while the padded leg rests and ergonomic palm rest ensure that three hours of gaming are just as comfortable and fun as fifteen.

“The Sova is a tough piece of gaming gear for sure. We started with a high quality, machined piece of brushed aluminum, and built out from there. We definitely wanted it to feel substantial in a player’s hands,” says René, “…while still maintaining these features of comfort and convenience.

Our engineers and designers absolutely knew what they were doing, because they wanted this experience just as much as gamers around the world. Additionally, we’re still absorbing feedback from consumers and press to craft the final, optimal Sova iteration.”

The Sova exists as a powerful tool to fully engage the world of living room gaming and streaming. From SteamOS, Android, Windows and Mac, it is an instrument custom-designed to expand the PC gamer’s domain. Says René, “We believe platforms like the Steam Box are fantastic, and we want everyone to be able to access them equally.

We felt it was our duty as gamers to ensure players from all backgrounds have an equal opportunity to enjoy these innovations. The Sova helps bring players into the fold that might not otherwise have been fully comfortable in a living room gaming environment, allowing them to play the games they love, the way they are most accustomed. Nobody loses their edge. We give players the option to own the couch, and command from the living room with the instrument of their own choosing. ROCCAT can’t wait for gamers to get their hands on the Sova.”

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Gioteck announces new products at E3 2014

Gioteck´s HC-2 wired stereo headset. It looks pretty cool huh?

Yesterday i was contacted by a spokesperson from Gioteck. Because apparently Gioteck are showcasing quite a few Gaming related products of theirs at E3 (on site). And some of their new products would be the following:

HC-2 Wired Stereo Headset (RRP UK £29.99 / US $39.99)
HC-5 Wireless Stereo Headset (RRP UK £59.99 / US $99.95)

Gaming chairs:
RC-3 Gaming Chair (RRP UK £69.99 – £79.99)

And if you want to know more about these products. Then i would recommend you to read Gioteck´s blog post. Becuse you will find all the information and details that you need to know in that blog post . so, Game on!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Mad Catz doesn't want you to miss these headsets at E3

mad catz logo
Mad Catz brings top notch Gaming gear to Gamer world wide.

E3 has already kicked off with a ton of reveals, including Rise of the Tomb Raider, and the revelation that the Halo: Master Chief collection will feature a Halo 5 beta key. As you can see it's gearing up to be a very exciting conference this year, and Mad Catz doesn't want you to miss out on the fun.

They're introducing 3 new Tritton headsets to get you ready to frag your enemies just in time for Halo, and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. HD, and with 7.1 sound to hear your foes cry in shame wear them proudly, and play intensely.  

TRITTON Kunai Stereo Gaming Headset:
Designed for extreme comfort and extended gaming sessions, Kunai comes to Xbox One with superior stereo audio, high-quality build and an eye-catching design. Kunai is also compatible with MP3 players and a wide variety of audio devices.

TRITTON Kama Stereo Gaming Headset:
A fully featured stereo headset featuring in-line audio controls and precision-balanced 40mm speakers.  Kama is also compatible with MP3 players and a wide variety of audio devices


TRITTON Kaiken Mono Chat Headset:
An ideal upgrade to the communicator found in pack, Kaiken can be worn on the left or right ear and features in-line controls for volume and chat.

 “We are excited to introduce our range of professional gaming audio headsets to the Xbox One platform.  We believe the range continues to build upon our strong TRITTON brand and provides quality audio, particularly for multiplayer communication, that is desired by the passionate gamer.  With audio accounting for nearly 50% of our net sales, we expect the range to make a significant contribution to growth and profitability in fiscal 2015.”
- Darren Richardson CEO Mad Catz

Of course just talking about them here isn't enough, you have to see these amazing headsets for yourselves. If you're in the E3 conference and want to check them out head over to Mad Catz booth. Mad Catz will be at E3 at the Mobile and Social Game pavilion – No. 2623, and take a look -better yet try them out!

We've got more coming your way as E3 keeps giving us unparalleled insight on the fantastic games, accessories, and consoles we all love.

Keep it locked here for the only source for E3, and comment below!

tgg author avatar kenay peterson
/Kenay Peterson
The Gaming Ground

Roccat has unveiled their new Gaming mouse Tyon

Tyon are said to bring "A new level of control for today’s many dimensions of gaming is here".

Every Gamer out there in the big world knows more than well how important it is to have a great Gaming mouse to game with. Because it can literally make the difference between losing and winning. And it seems like Roccat are dead serious with their new Gaming mouse "Tyon".

And if that's anything out of interest. Then you will find both the press release and the Tyon teaser trailer further down the page.

Press release:
"Stockholm, 3 June 2014 – ROCCAT™, industry leader and high-water mark for computer game accessory development and design, has once again raised the bar for control and precision in gaming. With the most extensive set of streamlined, tested, expertly designed features available, the ROCCAT Tyon gaming mouse answers the needs of an increasingly nonlinear gaming experience with more dimensions of play than ever before.

With 16 assignable buttons, 31 distinct possible functions, and a near limitless level of customization thanks to ROCCAT's dedicated Easy-Shift[+] Button, the Tyon is a game-changer, literally. Today's gaming experience demands players adapt to many dimensions of gameplay. Land, sea, air, space -- gamers must master each layer to compete and win. ROCCAT's designers and developers have worked in close collaboration with gaming experts, logging hundreds of hours of testing and fine-tuning to ensure the Tyon’s abilities meet these challenges head-on.

The Tyon provides the simplest access to the most features in a gaming mouse with clean lines, an exceedingly comfortable right-handed shape, with an exhaustively tested button placement scheme that makes the mouse an exceptionally engineered and aesthetically appealing masterpiece. Amongst its many features, the ROCCAT Tyon introduces the X-Celerator, a two-way analog stick. ROCCAT founder and CEO René Korte says of this feature, "Throttling, sprinting, rotating tank turrets, the X-Celerator is the solution for players frustrated with being shackled to myriad keyboard commands.”

Yet another unique feature to the Tyon is the Dorsal Fin, a two-click button set behind the mouse wheel, allowing for a comfortable mid-finger action, eliminating any need for major hand adjustments, and once again, taking two more keyboard actions and shifting them tactically to the Tyon gaming mouse.

Yes, the Tyon is a marvel of power and efficiency, with 576kB of onboard memory to ensure vast storage of settings and macros, and an 8200 DPI Pro-Aim Laser Sensor for precision, quickness, and accuracy when needed most. But, it is also a spectacle to behold. The strong design standards are amplified by dual lighting options, with vivid RGBY illumination for both the lower rim and wheel of the mouse, which can be programmed with separate color schemes of the user's choice. Additionally, this battle mouse comes in both black and white. The Tyon strikes a balance of form, function, and visual appeal like no product before it.

"We designed the Tyon not only for experienced gamers who want to take their play to the next level", says René, ”but for every level of player to grow into". The Tyon is a mouse made for gamers ready to take control and precision to the next level, designed and crafted over many months of testing, tuning, and perfecting, using feedback from the best minds in PC gaming. This is an ideal example of ROCCAT putting their ear to the ground and hearing what gamers want, and putting in the man hours required to bring the best product to life. We're excited to bring the Tyon to the masses."

ROCCAT Tyon TechSpecs:
- 8200 DPI PRO AIM (R3) LASER SENSOR for precision gaming at its best
- X-CELERATOR THUMB PADDLE for unrivaled command capabilities
- DORSAL FIN SWITCH for rapid and instinctive control
- ROCCAT™ EASY-SHIFT[+]™ on-the-fly button duplicator
- 16.8M MULTICOLOR ILLUMINATION customizable two-level light system
- TRACKING & DISTANCE CONTROL UNIT less pick-up flight for precise gaming
- 16 MOUSE BUTTONS programmable + solid mouse wheel
- 32-BIT PROCESSOR + 576KB MEMORY for rapid macro storage and execution

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

DXRacer chairs - Gamer friendly chairs

dxracer chairs
I would love to own one of these :3

This is somewhat funny. Because this morning i had thoughts on buying a new chair. And guess what video i stumbleupon? Well Melonie Mac´s "DXRacer Gaming Chair Unboxing and Giveaway!" video of course! Anyhow, i´m sersiouly having thoughts about buying a DXRacer chair.

I just don´t know which chair i should buy. Cuz there´s so many to choose from :S

About DXRacer chairs:
"Ergonomic solutions help people work better. It's that simple. The people on your team should be healthy, comfortable and productive. The way people work can become unhealthy and unproductive over time. The science of ergonomics and the resulting ergonomic products, enable people to make the most of their workspace and their workday. Here you have a great opportunity to make small changes that will make a big difference.

DXRacer chairs are made to a very high standard and offer a high level of comfort and refinement that is unrivalled in the office / gaming chair market. Originally designed to enhance the gaming experience, this chair will become your favourite place to work, relax, watch a movie or to really get into the game like never before. This chair is built to last and look good even past the guarantee!

Compared to the majority of office chairs on the market, the backrest is higher and supports the entire spinal column from the pelvic base to the neck. The structure includes a very stable metal star base and gas-spring with height adjustment. It can be adjusted to the height of the office or computer desk and has an adjustable tilt mechanism with locking function.

The 180-degree angle adjuster can be set to any desired angle. Additionally each DXRacer chair is equipped with eight position height-adjustable armrests with a soft pad cover to protect you against slanting shoulder and kyphosis resulting from long term shoulder and wrist fatigue. All DXRacer chairs come equipped with a headrest cushion and a height-adjustable lumbar cushion (to support the spinal column) which can easily be attached to the chairs as required.

You may choose models according to the style of your office, your home decor style, your personal preference or the nature of your job.

There are also various modifications available for the DXRacer Office chair. There is the laptop/keyboard tray, which leaves you more room on your computer desk. A mouse tray can also be mounted to the chair, enabling you to have it within easy reach. This is the perfect ergonomic solution.

To guarantee your health and comfort, we also provide a wide variety of accessories, such as the ergonomic cushion, LCD monitor arms, keyboard tray, footrest and a gel wristpad."

/Robin E
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