Batman: Arkham Knight - The return of the dark knightcomment_here

Are you ready to take on the dangers and criminals of Arkham city?

Even though it´s the final day of E3 2015 today, we will still think and talk about E3 2015 for weeks and months to come. Just take Rocksteady Studios upcoming action/adventure game Batman: Arkham Knight (the game is set for a release on the 23rd of June for Windows, MAC, Linux PS4 and Xbox One) for example. Arkham Knight was already a much wanted game by the Batman fans, but once the E3 gameplay demo started to roll. People just lost it, since the game is everything, we hoped for (and more).

Just take the fact that Arkham Knight looks better than any previous Batman game in the Arkham series (it´s thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 3, which gives Arkham Knight ); you may also explore the world of Arkham as you please, a world that's full of super villains, thugs and criminals for you to take care of.

Personally, i was most impressed by the fighting aspects of Arkham Knight. As it made me think about a Batman version of Streets of Rage (but with a whole set of awesome Batman gadgets at your disposal).

Harley Quinn is just as sexy as she´s deadly.

I also have to admit that I shed a manly tear when I saw some in-game Batmobile action (yes, it´s now a driveable vehicle in Arkham Knight) in the E3 gameplay demo. Let´s just say that I can´t wait to drive like a crazy bastard through the streets of Arkham with the Batmobile (when Batman goes Carmageddon?). So are you guys just as excited for Batman: Arkham Knight as I am? And did you enjoy the E3 presentation for the game?

/Robin E
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