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interwebs troll simulator

Title: Interwebs troll simulator 
Developer: Michael Patrick Rogers
Format: PC
Genre: Simulator  
Resolution: Highest possible
Release date: 2014-08-25
Difficulty: Normal 
Spent time: Way to many hours
Average grade internationally: ????
PEGI age rating:
Price: $1 via the homepage

I can honestly say that people who troll others are wrong, but if you must troll someone you should at least be good at it right? Of course you should-- which is why interwebz Troll simulator is the perfect medium to practice on. It's not necessarily a conventional game, as opposed to a simple flash based im aesthetically based mini game.

As you "play" the Troll simulator, you can type anything you wish into the messaging bar, to respond to the various trolls that come your way from 50 different users. The game trolls itself, but what makes it fun is that you can interact with over 10 Twitter links, and other social media links.

interwebs troll simulator haters
The hate is strong with this one.

Michael Patrick Rogers, the creative mind behind Interwebz Troll simulator spoke on the game itself.

“I decided to make the game a troll itself, but about important issues and more of a political satire, like the political cartoons that they used to have in the newspaper when I was growing up.”

- Michael Patrick Rogers

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is choosing your troll class, in which you have 4 choices:
- Ignorant
- Fatass
- Know it all
- Annoying

Once you choose your class, the simulator starts and you’re basically able to start troll indefinitely, unless you run the amount, and the responses wrap themselves. It’s nostalgic of playing an old flash based game on your computer from Newgrounds.com, or Kongregate.com, but none the less it’s interesting and very satisfying.

Overall I give Interwebz Troll Simulator a high appraisal, however I won’t say to spend all day on it or you’ll begin to grow hair through your ears and fingers and have an affinity for annoying people.


+ Interwebz Troll Simulator Is simplistic and very fun with its grungy and dirty thoughts. You’re able to practice your trolling just in case you end up having to fight one online or in person.

-  It’s a Trolling simulator, so you don’t have a chance to really practice against someone who’s live. There’s no real way to master being a troll either so the best you get is 50 random responses to contend with.

Gameplay:  5/5
Graphics:  3/5
Sound and music:  5/5
Controls:  5/5
Replay value: 5/5

Verdict: 5/5‏

tgg grade 5 out of 5

tgg author avatar kenay peterson
/Kenay Peterson
The Gaming Ground
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