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What´s next for Magic the Gathering? 

TGG Chen - Since Theros you've been launching lore-themed events on games day. Are you looking to integrate lore into the new player experience?

Wizards of the coast - We’re always looking for ways to intertwine Magic’s rich storyline with gameplay, so you can certainly expect to see more branded play events that reflect this in future. For example, right now we’re inviting players to battle for their chosen Khans of Tarkir clan at Friday Night Magic each week, to raise their clan’s banner!

TGG Chen - Will there be lore-focused cards? Tormenting Voice is one such example of this tendency towards integration. Deicide is another poignant example.

Wizards of the coast - Absolutely. Right now we’re implementing some changes to make Magic’s storyline more accessible than ever before, showcasing it through cards, artwork, branded play experiences, videos, and a dedicated weekly column on our website called Uncharted Realms.

This will be a fantastic resource for players who want to further explore the story behind the cards, especially when we move to our new model of two blocks of two sets each year. You can read more about these improvements here: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/ebooks-and- accessibility-magics-story

TGG Chen - In M15 you introduced "Designed by the Magic Community" Will there be more such events centered around social media? (Twitter, facebook) The earliest I remember is Forgotten Ancient in Inquest, but it had only interest- group participation.

Wizards of the coast - M15 featured 15 cards envisioned by notable outside designers, including “Waste Not” from the Magic community, the result of our 4th “You Make The Card” process. We try to introduce new and fresh things with each new block and set, so don’t expect to see such credits on cards in all future sets. However, we may invite the Magic community to get involved with similar events in the future.

TGG Chen - With regards to alternate art, do you intend on releasing a "collector's edition" for all alternate art pieces per expansion? It seems that wizards is really pressing the alt-art route with even intro packs having
alt-art cards.

Wizards of the coast - We do not have plans for such a product at this time. As of Khans of Tarkir, we have given the Intro Packs an alternate art rare face card, as we wanted to make these even more special and exciting.

TGG Chen - Will there be any Future Sight-block-esque treatment towards Fate Reforged?

Wizards of the coast - It’s too early to give away any details relating to Fate Reforged, and players should not expect Khans of Tarkir block to mirror any previous block, it has its own unique storyline, structure, mechanics and cards. We are certainly excited to tell more of this plane’s storyline when the set is released January 23rd next year, though.

TGG Chen - How is the holographic card protection system doing? Does it complicate future card types?

Wizards of the coast - We’re very happy with the holofoil stamp on rares and mythic rares we introduced as of Magic 2015, and players have warmly welcomed this addition. It both guarantees authenticity, and makes these cards feel a little more special. The holofoil stamp, as with other elements of the updated card frame, has been designed to be fully compatible with all our future plans.

TGG Chen - Will there be anything to spice up the dynamic of event decks? Perhaps a new kind of tournament pack? (From up till Mirrodin?)

Wizards of the coast - Event Decks are a great way for players to start playing the Standard or Modern format (perhaps at their local store’s Friday Night Magic events), and we’re very pleased to offer this easy way to get started in constructed. Of course, we are always looking for ways to improve existing products, and to introduce new ones that meet the needs of our playerbase – an example of this are the new Clash Packs, which we introduced with Magic 2015. We do not have any plans to bring back Tournament Packs at this time.

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