The truth about #GamerGate and Brianna Wucomment_here

Now i understand why a lot of the #GamerGate people are really upset (samething goes for #NotYourShield folks).

First of all. I want to apologize. Because i have been fooled, i have been used, and i have been deceived. Because when i recorded my "Brianna Wu" video last night. I did not have all the information about her case or #GamerGate for that matter.

And today there was so much new information about both Brianna Wu (who used Msnbc to get free pr) and #GamerGate. Then i listened to all of Milo Yiannopoulos radio shows (Radio Nero) about #GamerGate, read a lot about the stuff that Adam Baldwin (the famous actor that just happens to be the guy that kicked-off #GamerGate) has said on the subject.

Let´s just say that i know how Neo (Matrix) must have feelt when he toke that red pill. And now i understand why a lot of the #GamerGate and #NotYourShield people, are really angry about what was said during Brianna Wu´s Msnbc visit yesterday.

For example, that it´s a "It´s a online battle between the sexes" (said by News reader att Msnbc). And that´s a lie, and the respons was very strong from Gamers (and devs) worldwide. No matter the sex or race. Everyone agreed on one thing, we are #NotYourShield.

So what does #NotYourShield mean then? Well, basically it´s a movement of multi-cultural Gamers, that has had it with people using them for their own personal gains. I can give you some tweet examples of that:

"To use feminism to shield your lies, deceit and unethical acts is just as despicable as sacrificing gamers #GamerGate #notyourshield"jayd3fox

"I stand with #gamersgate. I am an asian female gamer, and you don't speak for me. I'm #notyourshield, deal with it." Shiori

"#GamerGate #notyourshield Girl with aspergers, been victim to bullying and abuse, but I don't blame men for it. Or turn myself into a damsel" Jessica James

"I want conversation & don't condone harassment. Stop stigmatizing us, stereotyping us & commodifying us. I'm a women & I'm #notyourshield"

female game dev
One of the many female game developers reaction (and respons) to Brianna Wu´s lies on Msnbc. 

The list goes on and on. It´s never ending. The people (Gamers) has spoken. So what is the "#GamerGate" movement all about then? It´s a very deep subject to start with. But it boils down to this. The key players are the following. Zoe Quinn (The Quinnspiracy), Anita Sarkeesian (Tropes vs. Women in Video Games) and then we got the corruption in the video game game industry (Video game journalism).

#GamerGate works as a Twitter gate where Gamers openly discuss corruption in the video game industry, call out on lies, censorship and angled news. And of course, defending the medium that they love the most. Which would be video games.

Because here´s the thing. I started to understand that there was something really bad going down, when i heard that Brianna Wu turned down a visit at "Radio Nero" (Milo Yiannopoulos´s radio show), in the very last minute (not only was that a very unprofessional and rude move. It also costed Milo and his crew both money and time).

That made me think, and my thinking made me dig around A LOT. And that lead me to write all of this. As you might figure, this goes way deeper than most people could ever imagine. I could write about conspiracy theories all night long.

But i´m going spare you guys the long read by giving you the short version. This whole "thing", the #GamerGate war (or whatever you wanna call it). Is all about controlling a market that has not yet been tamed and controlled by anyone, simply because the market won´t let itself be controlled.

Adam Baldwin (the movie star and the guy that started the #GamerGate movement) is not the kind of person that get´s easly fooled or tricked. Smoke and mirrors simply won´t work on him.

Yes, i´m talking about the video game industry, and the Gamers that don´t want political, religious or social justice warriors propaganda shoved down their throats,when they play their favourite games. And that´s what this is all about. The Gamers want the video games to be free from that sort of thing.

And the "elite" people (Pr/marketing, feminists/SJWs and people how love to make a lot of money) that want to "change" the games and the video game industry. Are using all the tools and dirty tricks that they got at their disposal, to make sure that the changes are done and made.

And that´s why there´s 5 sides (some of them are allias, some are not) of the #GamerGate war:

#GamerGate - A social media movement that's fed up with corruption and censorship in the video game industry
#NotYourSheild - Gamers that don´t wanna be used (as shields/victims) for other peoples personal gains
Pro-GamerGate -  A "neatrual" zone where people can discuss #GamerGate
Devs and retailers - They just wanna develop and sell their games in peace
Third party members - Social justice warriors, trolls and haters

And as you might understand. For an outsider #GamerGate is a pretty confusing thing. But just like Adam Baldwin said "Gamers are programmed to win. They will not give up so it seems". And truth ALWAYS wins in the end.

So when the "elite" (the one´s who tries to take control and change the video game industry) tried everything from being all silent (pretending that there´s nothing strange going on), shutting down discussions on a lot of sites (Reddit for ex), attack the consumers (the "Gamers are dead" statement) to using outside media for their own gain.

And every single move that they made failed. They (the elite) started to realize that their up against a powerful force (Gamers) that just won´t back down (or bend over for that matter). That they will have to change their tactics. And that´s what makes me somewhat nervous and curious at the same time.

the death of the gamers
There´s no corruption in the video game industry you say?

Because if none of their previous moves (tools) didn´t work. What kind of moves will they use next? And how many more people will get fired from their jobs for speaking up about this? And when will this war end? Because like in every war, there's casualties on both sides (in this case on ALL sides).

But let´s face it. Sooner or later you must pick a side. So what side are you on? And before i end this article. I just want to make it perfectly clear that i do NOT support violence, threats or internet harassment of any kind. No matter which side your on, or what opinions you may have.

I´m also a strong believer of equal human rights. With that said, i hope you had a pleasent read. Thank you!

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/Robin E
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