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#GamerGate is trending all over the world at the moment (big time!).
If you are a reader of ours, then you know that we have written quite a few articles about #GamerGate over the past months. For ex:

The Women Of #GamerGate - The female side of the story:

The truth about #GamerGate and Brianna Wu:

Intel and Gamergate - The Gamergate to hell are still open!:

Gamergate is over - Game over man, game over!:
And quite a lot has happened since we wrote our very first #GamerGate article. Like the fact that there´s a open media war going down against #GamerGate, (aka "The Brianna Wu crusade"). And people are getting doxxed to the left and right, death threats is a every day thing now (on all sides) and people have even lost their jobs for speaking up about #GamerGate.

And still, very few people know what #GamerGate is all about. I can´t blame them though. Because i was confused as well at the very start of the birth of #GamerGate. And that´s where GamerGate.me steps into the picture.

Because GamerGate dot me is a neutral page that´s 100% dedicated to #GamerGate. So you will find all the information that you need to know on that page (plus updated news articles on the subject). So "hopefully" this will enlight (and inform) people about #GamerGate.

That´s at least the whole idea behind GamerGate.me (and my post for that matter).

About GamerGate.me:
In no way are we an official GamerGate website. We are an aggregate website on GamerGate. We aim to be a high quality information source to people following GamerGate or people just learning about it.
What is #GamerGate?
GamerGate is a power struggle over the fate of an $80+ billion industry between two loosely defined groups of people. On one side is the leaderless ragtag consumer revolt of #GamerGate, comprised of those who identify themselves as gamers and those who are sympathetic to the concerns of gamers. On the other side is a tight-knit network of journalists, PR reps, and media socialites who have explicitly disclosed their hatred of the gamer identity and their complete lack of respect for gamers. #GamerGate supporters sometimes refer to this clique as ‘Social Justice Warriors’ or as ‘SocJus’ (a reference to IngSoc from Orwell’s 1984).

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