Pewdiepie is accused of being a sexist by Swedish mediacomment_here

The face of a sexist. At least according to Swedish media.

Deep inside, i knew that it was just a matter of time before Pewdiepie would get into deep trouble with the press in Sweden. Because based on the kind content that he create, and the fact that his nr 1 on Youtube. His a big target for the press to pick on.

So what's the fuss all about then? Well, apparently Aftonbladet (a Swedish newspaper) didn't  like his Nicki Minaj video ("NICKI MINAJ ANACONDA BUTT SCULPTURE!"). You know, the one were Pewdiepie tries to do a 3D butt sculpture in autocad

Basically they said that Pewdiepie is a sexist, and that he should know better. And that his "Bros" are just a "for boys only" club. As far as i know, Felix just tries to entertain people. I can admit that "some" of his videos could need some adjustments on that area.

But then again. If you read the comments on Aftonbladets article (it´s in Swedish though). Then you will notice that there´s quite a few female fans that don´t bother about this things at all. Because just like South Park, Pewdiepie jokes about everything and everyone.

I also love the fact that Aftonbladet had to state (literally) that Felix is a "white hetrosexual man". As if that would be some kind of a crime? But what do you guys think about all this? Is Pewdiepie really a sexist?


/Robin E
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