Jungle Rumble - A really neat rhythm game for iOScomment_here

It´s ALL about the monkey biz!
Ever since i played PaRappa the Rapper way back in the 90s. I have always liked rhythm games. I don´t know about you guys. But those kind of games makes me really happy. Because, most of the time. Rhythm games are all about having fun.

And that´s what i feelt when i played Disco Pixel´s iOS game "Jungle Rumble" (it costs $4 on the App store) on my iPhone today. Because Jungle Rumble are ALL about the rhythm. Basically you control the monkeys in the game with the help of rhythm and drum sounds.

So, are you ready to go bananas? ;)

About Jungle Rumble:
"Drum to control a tribe of monkeys! 

Jungle Rumble is a rhythm game like the world has never seen. A rival tribe invades to steal your bananas. Drum on the screen to send monkey minions into the fight. Send your tribe on an epic quest for freedom, happiness, and bananas!" 

/Robin E
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