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Smash IT! will soon be released upon the world!

Due the fact that Bica Studios will soon release their action/adventure game Smash IT! Witch Adventures for iOS and Android (the game will be released in New Zealand for a starter). I just thought that it could be a good idea to interview the minds behind Smash IT!

And guess what? Bica Studios wanted to do an interview with us! So let´s get down to business.

Robin TGG:
Would you be so kind and give our readers a little introduction of Smash IT? What it is all about and so on.

Bica Studios:

The name says it all! On Smash IT! Adventures players will need to smash the voracious Blarghinis that will appear by tapping on the screen. The reason for this is because the player was summoned by Agnes, a little funky witch that have the ability to call creatures from other realities, being this case, ours. With her, we can be part of the game that will certain be the king of the Smasher genre!

Robin TGG:
If I’m not wrong now, Bica Studios is an indie studio from Portugal, right? How does the indie and Gaming scene looks like in Portugal?

Bica Studios:

It’s starting to have a new life! In the last year lots of new game companies appeared, all of them with teams between 2 and 6 members and with a great desire to make cool games. The big concern here is that there is no investment funds or any systems that support the needs and challenges of starting a new company. We had the lucky to enter on an incubator, but still, it’s not that easy. But step by step, we are making the difference and I’m pretty sure that after a success, things will change.

Robin TGG:
How did you guys came up with a game such as Smash IT? Because it seems to be a mix of “PuyoPuyo” (puzzle) and Plants Vs Zombies (the action parts).

Bica Studios:
Cool examples! To be honest it all started with a mix between a twist of the Whack-a-mole and Sonic’s vibrant worlds. The reason to explore the smasher genre is because it has a huge potential on mobile and we believe that this was not fully explored yet.

The different game genres like puzzles, builders and infinite runners have their “kings” but that does not apply to smashers, until now.

Robin TGG:
Could you tell us a bit more about the main character “Agnes”. Because I’m quite curious to know her better. Because I’m a big fan of magic you see (I have just started to read the Discworld books again).

Bica Studios:
I love magic too! And I am lucky to have a grandma that it is in this sort of thing, but this is another story... As I said before, Agnes is a witch that can summon creatures like us, humans and mystic ones too like Dragons, Unicorns, Phoenix and much more. Each creature is going to help her as well as the player by smashing the Blarghinis, the enemies in the game.

smash it 2
Fight of the monsters with the help of magic.

Robin TGG:
From what I’ve have heard it seems like Smash IT! Adventures will be released on iOS and Android very soon. But New Zealand will get access to the game first, is that correct?

Bica Studios:
Yes! It´s a strategy that we would recommend to everyone in the sense that it is better to test the game in one or two countries to have feedback and with this, do the necessary improvements. The main goal here is to make a great game and with this process it’s becomes easier to filter the suggestions and catch some nasty bug that could occur.

Robin TGG:
I could be wrong but is the main goal of the game to rescue the cat Agnes? Whom has been kidnapped by the voracious Blarghinis? (The monsters in the game).

Bica Studios:
Yeah! Mr. Bica the Cat! He is the one that starts this adventure. Agnes is super powerful as we can notice but she doesn’t give too much attention to what happened to the world until the moment that her beloved cat has been eaten! After this moment, no more play around, it’s time to Smash IT! and save the world at the same time.

Robin TGG:
Will there be many spells, attacks, combos and such in Smash IT!?

Bica Studios:
For now, we have 8 different spells/summons and more are coming in future updates. With them the player will make some super neat combos that can wipe out all the Blarghinis on the screen or even win a great amount of score. It’s up to the player to discover the best ones.

Robin TGG:

What´s the story behind the strange creatures called “Blarghinis”?

Bica Studios:
They just appear out of nowhere! Maybe from space or from the ocean like Pacific Rim. It’s a mystery that the players will need to solve on future updates, with each one revealing a little more about the story. One thing is for sure, they are slimy, they have a bad behavior and a big taste for fluffy animals!

smash it 3
The locals looks pretty unfriendly if you ask me.

Robin TGG:
I have been told that players will be able to compete against each other in Smash IT! Is that statement correct or wrong?

Bica Studios:
It’s true. There’s a mode that will show who is the most skilful players around the world of Smash IT!. Basically you will play against an infinite wave of Blarghinis that will increase speed and resistance along with some new behaviors as time goes by. This mode is perfect to accomplish some of the Achievements and complete the Missions that allows to multiply the scores.

Robin TGG:
How about adventure and exploration. Will there be different worlds or stages that the players can explore?

Bica Studios:
At this moment we have 3 worlds/continents divided in 30 levels. Each one gives a different challenge to the player. The continents are like an Island based, a Desert Grand Canyon style and a Forest type.

Robin TGG:
I bet that this is a question that most people would like to ask you guys, because everyone likes big stage bosses. So, will there be any bosses in Smash IT?

Bica Studios:
Great question! Not on the release, but we are cooking something!

Robin TGG:
Now for the final question. If everything works out great for Smash IT!, what plans do you guys have for the future?

Bica Studios:

We are now working on the next updates for Smash IT! to bring some surprises and more content. At the same time, our second game is already in development. I can’t provide more details for now but it’s going to be an Adventure Puzzle Game. But until then, there is still much to smash!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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